One more week, another Destiny 2 xenophage: Shadowkeep content drop. This week has a huge number of substances from the Festival of the Lost, the Altars of Sorrow public occasion, and the Pit of Heresy prison. Goodness, something more: Destiny 2: Shadowkeep proprietors can now acquire the Xenophage extraordinary assault rifle. In this article, we will know more about Reddit RaidSecrets – Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Xenophage Best Guide.

The Xenophage outlandish automatic weapon’s advantage, Pyrotoxin Rounds, permits it to shoot powerful touchy ammunition. The weapon was just witnessed for a couple of moments in past trailers (seen beneath). Presently, an outlandish mission will allow you to settle a couple of riddles on your excursion to acquire the weapon. The means have been tackled by Xenophage destiny 2 RaidSecrets people group on Reddit and accumulated by client Alex the Huntsman.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Starting the Xenophage outlandish journey

First of all, you’ll need to acquire the Xenophage’s outlandish mission called “The Journey.” You’ll need to advance toward Eris’ sanctum on the moon (the one where every one of the apparitions of her dead fireteam individuals accumulates at whatever point you complete a week after week memory journey). In case you’re fortunate, blueberries would’ve opened the entryway as of now on the off chance that they’re doing missions.

If not, quick travel to Sorrow’s Harbor and advance toward the passage of the Scarlet Keep. Make a left turn and follow the winding sinkhole where you started Destiny 2 beginners guide: Shadowkeep’s mission. There’s an edge that carries you to Eris’ sanctum.

In this space sitting above the pyramid, you’ll spot four sculptures. You’ll need to make every one of the four light up. Communicating with specific sculptures may make the flares vanish, so I just did a touch of experimentation. At the point when every one of the four sculptures has been lit, a chest will bring forth that contains the Xenophage fascinating journey.

The Anchor of Light Puzzle – Reddit RaidSecrets

The Xenophage’s colorful journey will give you a couple of clues about “mooring yourself to the light.” There’s just one spot with that name and that is the Anchor of Light zone on the moon so advance there.

You’ll need to get the “light” (fire) from one of the structures and take it to different special stepped areas around the zone. Allude to the video underneath from YouTuber WoW Quests:

On the off chance that you’d like an overhead perspective on the zone, look at this picture politeness of Redditor Dopmeister:

Puzzle Anchor Of Light

Acquaint yourself with the areas of the raised areas that you need to light. You just have a moment before the fire disperses and kicking the bucket will likewise make you restart all along. Whenever you’ve lit the sixth and last raised area, you can associate with a Hive column close by to begin the subsequent stage.

The Lost Sectors Puzzles

The following fascinating mission step takes you to different lost areas on the moon. The objective here is to discover a divider board that has runic images on it in each lost area. You’ll need to shoot the images in arrangement to ensure that everything matches the primary image over the board. This will bring forth a chest that furnishes you with another section for the Xenophage.

The Pit of Heresy Dungeon

The last strides of the Xenophage intriguing mission will lead you to the new Pit of Heresy prison. To get to the action, you’ll need to finish an attunement mission from Eris Morn.

Note: If you actually need to access the Pit of Heresy prison, head here for subtleties on the best way to get to this part. On the off chance that you do have the prison previously opened, you can check our total Pit of Heresy prison guide.

We should proceed onward. In this way, when you finish the principal Pit of Heresy experience, you’ll at last wind up in a space with different entryways. The section can be found inside one of the upper entryways. Redditor Alex The Huntsman has added a picture underneath:

Puzzle Pit Of Heresy Puzzle 1

The following section is found during the outsider beasts’ experience. Don’t, under any conditions, total this experience by utilizing the unorthodox knight spheres to open the forcefield. This will lead you to the following experience inside the Chamber of Suffering and you will not have the option to finish the Xenophage part of the run.

At any rate, when you arrive at the beast experience region, make a left and follow the restricted way along the bluff. You’ll discover a Hive custom plate (with similar runic images). Enacting it will make stages generate. Get the light circle/fire toward the end.

Recall the part where you needed to light the special stepped areas in the Anchor of Light zone? Indeed, you need to do exactly the same thing here.

You’ll need to convey the fire and discover the raised areas around this enormous space. The special raised areas are directly close to one of the side entryways. From the entrance, look towards the right-hand fork. The entryway with the special raised areas is the fourth from the right.

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