Red Dots vs Holographic Sights – Short Guide

Sometimes you are looking for a new optic but you do not aware of that which type of sight you require.

That’s a fact, isn’t it?

Or sometimes you are confused about whether you go with the sight or you should buy the scope.

To solve this issue,

I am here with the details about two different types of sights that are worth buying if you are having a riffle.

Do you know what are these two?

Let me tell you, these are Red Dots and Holographic sights that are the most popular in the world of weapons.

If you are into red dots only then the red dot sight reviews are the best option for you to explore and enlighten yourself

To have a better understanding of both of the sights we need to look at both individually. Are you ready for it?

What Is Red Dot Sight?

You might be aware of Red Dot Sight by the name of reflex sight this is because these two are almost the same.

This is basically used in place of or with the iron sight of the gun. These are pretty light in weight.

They have this ability to adjust even in the handguns due to their compact size.

They are also affordable and inexpensive as compare to most of the expensive available out there in the market.

Another noticeable feature of these sights is that they have got long battery life.

You can assume the life of the battery from the fact that one single sight can work for 50,000 hours with a single battery.

That is just mind-blowing,

It means that your gun is always on the go and you also do not need to worry about the death of your sight.

The plus point of the red dot sight is that it has two MOA reticles. This mean reticle used is twice the size that is used in holographic.

All in all, that if you are shooting in the area of 100 yards then red dot sight is capable of covering two-inch while holographic can only cover one inch.

Additionally, the red dot sight is an electronic sight with high accuracy level. You have a red dot to set the target and to know where the bullet is going to hit.

The dot that is used in the sight can be green ad also vary in size you can set it according to your need.

One of the reasons that this one is a favorite of many especially of beginners is that it helps in setting up the target automatically. Also, they are highly durable and totally worth the price.

What is Holographic Sight?

This one is the specific type of red spot sight that uses a series of mirrors and laser technology to carry out the task.

Although they are somehow like the red spotlights but got some of the advantages that red spot sights are not going to offer.

One of the common features that holographic sight is offering you is that the reticle will remain in focus when you look downfield.

On contrary, while using the red spot sight you will notice that the focus of the reticle becomes blurry and unfocused when focused on the downfield.

Since quicker aiming is always best when targeting then this is considered as one of the best advantages of this sight.

Another prominent feature of holographic sight is that t uses only one MOA reticle that provides easy magnification.

Do you know how?

by remaining at a single MOA reticle and not creating a mess while magnifying the target.

On the other that red spot sights use two MOA reticle that creates a problem. This happens while magnifying and magnifies the target so much.

The next noticeable thing about this site is that if the front lens of them are broken or not working properly.

Do not need to worry because these are still going to work for you. So if we talk about the real-world scenarios then these are indeed the best. Another feature that you are definitely going to like is that they are also capable of distancing your target sometimes when needed.


All in all, it is quite difficult to make a statement about which is the best or better.

Actually, both are best for their particular situations and they both hold some shortcomings as well.

Holographic sights are pretty expensive, heavy, and also bulky however offer you the perfect and accurate target. When it comes to red dot then it is not that good for the magnification externally.

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