Recover Photos on PC – Best Data Recovery Software Recommend

The Best Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Photos – Standards for Picking

Before moving on to the guidance on how to recover deleted photos on PC using data recovery software, let’s look at what standards makes a good tool for recovery. So you know how to choose the suitable software wisely.

Recovery Speed

The speed of recovery matters because you don’t want to wait data recovery program processing all day long. And remember that, the best data recovery software always features fast scanning speed. 

The Integrity of the Photos Be Recovered

By using good data recovery tools you can easily get back all your photos with original quality. After all, nobody wants broken files or blurred pictures because it is meaningless.

Freeware/Free Trial Software

A free trial is a generosity that a good recovery software can kindly provide. With this function, you can test the performance of the service before purchase a license.

Foolproof Operations

People using personal computers are often green-hand for desktop tricks, they know nothing about how to recover deleted photo manually. That is why foolproof operation is urgently required here for our readers. Neat program interfaces and easy operations are good attributes of good data recovery software.

iTop Data Recovery – The Highest Rate of File Recovery

Working on Windows 10 / 11 / 8 / 7, iTop Data Recovery can help you get all your data back with a 95 percent success rate, which is evidently higher than most competitors in the market. With its ultra-fast scan, the data recovery process can be 120% faster than other competitors.

The most impressive part of this software for data recovery is that it can recover any data from any data loss situations, ranging from USB formatting to crashing computers or virus attact. iTop recovery software is the best data recovery solution that ticks all the boxes.

Price/License: $39.For Lifetime – license 99


  1. Suitable for all situations of data loss
  2. High success rate – 95% on average
  3. Ultra-fast data recovery process
  4. Most storage media and file types are supported
  5. Easy operation, Neat interfaces


  1. This software need to be installed and work only on Windows
  2. No free trial, no free version
  3. The best data recovery software – how to undelete your photos?

Step 1. Go to and Download itop data recovery freely.

Step 2. Location and file types select. To start scanning, click the ‘scan’ button.

Step 3. Preview the files and see if they recover. Recover them and later save them.

A verdict from the editor

iTop Data Recovery can handle all situations of data loss. The affordable license fee with an excellent service makes 2022 the best data recovery software. While freeware is something that you can’t beat, paid tools can offer more powerful features that help you handle data loss situations of all kinds. Please don’t hesitate to let this software offer you some instant help.