Healthcare is one of those professions that comes with plenty of challenges. It tests your mental and physical capabilities during your career. You have to be mentally strong enough to overcome all obstacles that come in your way of professional responsibilities. From nurses to doctors, radiologists to administration staff — healthcare offers different roles and career choices to individuals. Similarly, other qualifications criteria make you eligible for a particular position in the healthcare sector. 

Before making a career choice in the healthcare sector, you have to dig deep down and find out which degree is well-suited for you. Currently, there is a trend going on of dual healthcare degrees, which means a double-degree program. In these types of programs, two programs get merged, allowing students to complete two degrees concurrently. You may cover the entire program in a shorter duration than its actual one by pursuing the degree programs from different universities. The two degrees can differ from each other or can be in the same subject area. 

It’s up to you if you want to go for such a program or not. But you should know that a dual degree gives you an edge by having more career and job role choices. It gives you the diversity and knowledge of different areas of study.

For people aiming at higher administrative positions in healthcare settings, the dual-degree option is worth your investment. Here are some of the trending healthcare dual degrees of 2021. 


The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Master of health administration (MHA) offer specialization in advanced nursing practice and administration. It allows students to learn diverse skills to add value to the healthcare organizations where they will serve. 

Courses for this degree program tend to provide nurses deep insight into administration and business skills. MSN and MHA dual degree programs make way for you to enter various healthcare settings. It includes hospitals, community health centers, home healthcare agencies, and many more. Nurses having high level administrative and specialized qualification can avail the top-level job opportunities easily. 


The degree of master of health administration (MHA) and master of business administration (MBA) gives you the complete base knowledge of healthcare facilities. Completing this degree can make a significant impact on your professional career. It can be the stepping-stone for working as an administrator in a healthcare organization or hospital. You may look for MHA MBA programs online, considering the COVID-19 pandemic not to put your safety at risk. As a student, you can get a better understanding of all technical aspects of business and healthcare. It will build your good foundation of the healthcare delivery system before entering into professional life. 


A bachelor’s degree in this discipline is enough to enable nurses to excel in their careers. But the master of business administration (MBA) and master of science in nursing (MSN) are among the best dual degrees you will ever come across. It provides you complete guidance in advanced business and nursing courses. It enables students to opt for executive responsibilities with an extensive range of healthcare management roles. Many institutions offer MSN and MBA combined through nursing and business schools to get both degrees simultaneously. 

Usually, a dual degree program comprises of credit hours around 78. It includes an internship, final thesis, practicum, and detailed research. Students who are giving their full-time can complete the program in three years. If you opt for MSN and MBA dual degree, you can get a chance to work in hospitals and corporate offices.  


The master of health administration (MHA) degree and master of public health (MPH) provides a golden learning opportunity for students interested in public health policy and health administration. Once you have this dual degree, you can choose to go into health services administration, epidemiology, environmental health, biomedical laboratories, and program management. This combined degree program prepares you to be part of the healthcare/medical industry. It provides you all the essential knowledge that is required to build a healthcare career. You need to complete this program with the right dedication and devotion. 


The dual degree has evolved healthcare education. It has given students plenty of opportunities to explore different roles and responsibilities in the healthcare facility. You have to identify the best fit for you and then make the right decision accordingly. Before choosing the dual degree program, ask yourself what your multiple areas of interest are. After deciding this, you must research to determine the scope of the hybrid program you want to choose. 

You should consult your peers and seniors who have gone through a similar phase. It will give you valuable insights that will make a positive impact on your healthcare education. Once you are satisfied completely, decide by choosing the desired dual degree program and prove it right. Hopefully, you will get a better idea by this guide of the trending healthcare dual degrees of 2021 and make the right educational decision. 

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