Reasons to SKIP Breakfast

So today we are going to talk about the reasons to skip breakfast. Skip breakfast? But why? You may ask to yourself. Why should I even think of it? But as a matter of fact people all over the world search for reasons to skip breakfast more than 1000 times a month.

If “health” and “fitness” are native words for you, you probably take breakfast very seriously: every day you get up early in the morning and rush to the kitchen to make yourself the perfect breakfast: oatmeal, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, a protein shake and god knows what else.

After every breakfast you feel great because you know that you have just done an important job, and thanks to these efforts, your training is not wasted.

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? So say, naive guys and Soviet-style athletes. By skipping breakfast, you can improve both your health and fitness.

If you skip breakfast and practice intermittent fasting, you will only become healthier: cholesterol will fall, and muscles will grow. With this, I will give you some more reasons to skip breakfast.

8 reasons to skip breakfast

I personally used to promote having better breakfast before I realize that’s not the best thing to do. But I had a serious blood sugar issue. I had hypoglycemia and of course when you eat you feel better. So then I have this realization that works so well for me that I’m going to recommend it and even for my clients.

I started to take natural remedies for diabetes type 2 and eventually, I found it as one of the reasons to skip breakfast.

However  here’s the problem when you eat; you stimulate insulin.

Okay, and Insulin creates a lot of issues not just with slowing your metabolism over time but it sets you up for a another blood sugar problem.

So, intermittent fasting is very very very important.

You will start to think better, and your brain will be healthier

Contrary to popular belief, hunger actually increases mental acuity and quickens its reaction. There is a logical reason for this: in the old days of hunting and gathering, a hungry person needed to be more attentive and dexterous in order to find or catch food for himself.

All kinds of diets are based on the fact that the brain reacts better to the world around, and as a result of diets, brain cells grow more actively. Even more interesting, of all diets, intermittent fasting wins in terms of health benefits for the brain.

In fact, by giving up your morning oatmeal, you do not doom yourself to lethargy, but force the brain to wake up and respond faster and more efficiently to stimuli.

It’s easier to diet if you skip breakfast

It happens to everyone: you look in the mirror and realize that you should go on a diet. Someone has grown fat in the winter, someone wants to look better on the beach – regardless of goals, dieting is easier if you do without breakfast.

We already talked about this once. Let’s say you decide to eat 2,000 calories a day instead of 2,500. You can divide those 2,000 calories into three meals and get approximately 666 calories per meal. The number is devilish, but not the largest.

If you eat as described, chances are good that between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, you will be snacking, adding unwanted calories to your diet. In this case, you need to refuse breakfast. So you have only two meals at your disposal, but a thousand calories each.

Thus, after eating you will feel insanely full, and your hand will no longer reach for chips or sweets. It’s worth fighting your morning hunger!

In the morning you won’t feel hungry

Why is this happening at all? Why do we want to eat in the morning? It’s not that our bodies need food – it’s all about hormones.

We have already told you about the hormone ghrelin, which regulates the frequency of food intake. Our body produces ghrelin depending on how we eat. If you eat breakfast every day, ghrelin will be produced by the usual breakfast time – and as a result, we will feel hungry.

Skipping breakfast is a habit. In the end, you stop feeling hungry in the morning and, accordingly, eat.

Lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is the most serious, dangerous and widespread health problem in the developed world. High-calorie fatty foods increase blood lipid levels, and this entails an increased risk of heart attack, microinfarction, and extensive heart attack.

Intermittent fasting helps reprogram how the body uses fat. It increases the consumption of fat cells for energy, and as a result, fat becomes the main source of energy, replacing glucose in this post.

By skipping breakfast and practicing intermittent fasting, you become healthier: the level of lipids in the blood returns to normal without extreme diets and medical intervention.

It stimulates muscle growth

Growth hormone plays an important role in human anabolism and muscle growth. The natural level of growth hormone in our body helps trigger the adaptive mechanisms through which the processes of repair and growth of muscle cells take place.

You can inject yourself with growth hormone, but this is an extreme measure that no one here will recommend to you, especially when you consider that intermittent fasting increases the natural level of growth hormone.

Short-term fasting – like skipping breakfast on a regular basis – increases the secretion of growth hormone.

So you will be a fit grandfather

With age, the body begins to synthesize growth hormone in smaller volumes, so one of the side effects of aging is the drying out of muscle mass, fragile bones and weak connective tissue.

The increase in natural growth hormone levels caused by intermittent fasting will keep you alive and healthy in old age. Refusing breakfast will put hormones in order, and you will be a vigorous and strong grandfather – just joy, not a grandfather.

The fitness community has too warm and touching feelings for breakfast and overestimates its importance. Try not to follow their lead. Suddenly you like it.

Let’s clean the trash

Number two you’re breaking the fast. All night long you’re in a fasting state. You’re burning fat. Your brain is being fed ketones hopefully and then you eat and you break the fast. So you raise Insulin.

Now you nullify the benefits of fasting. You’re going to kind of nullify the top of benefits of autophagy. That is the recycling action of your cells, so your cells are cleaning all that junk out of them and I’m talking about you know especially out of your brain.

So all the waste that’s accumulating all the added damaged proteins are being cleaned up. So this is a part of the repair cycle of your body.  

Actually you stop preparing the body when you eat because the body is focusing on digestion especially in your digestive tract. If you’re constantly eating you never have a chance to repair that. So we nullify a autophagy. we stopped the new brain cells forming.

Because one of the benefits of fasting is that you have neurogenesis. You’ve been actually make new brain cells and you stopped the anti-inflammatory effect.

So if you have inflammation or arthritis you just won’t ever go away if you keep eating and then used to stop repairing.

Number three if you’re consuming the typical breakfast foods where there cereals or orange juice, toast, pancakes, waffles, fruit sweet and yogurt that type of thing.

Hyper-Hypo cycles and carving

Wow what’s going to happen is that you’re going to create up a nice big spike in Insulin. It’s going to come down about 90 minutes later and you’re going to be really really hungry right before a lunchtime. Not to mention craving sweets and then because the blood sugars now are going up and down you’re going to notice also at night you’re going to crave the wrong foods.

So those people that crave at night usually are eating too many carbs in the morning or too many carbs the day before.

So just make a mental note of that if you’re not hungry don’t eat. Stretch your limits for as long as you can and then maybe have your meal right at noon.

That can be your first meal you’re going to feel much better and then just add one more meal for dinner and you’re going to be really impressed not just on how much weight you lose but you’re going to have so many benefits of just doing that fasting from the last meal all the way until lunch.

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As we are being told that breakfast is most important meal of the day. But here are 3 side effects of breakfast:

  • The decrease in metabolism.
  • Less body cleaning process and increased aging.
  • Increased carvings and hypoglycemia.

I hope now you guys have a clear idea in this topic. If these reasons to skip breakfast comply with your lifestyle, then you can definitely apply them. Thus, you can enjoy a healthy and fit life.

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