Top 5 Reasons to Move to Canada

For decades, Canada pride itself as one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. It offers a safe and enabling environment that helps people from all walks of life achieve their aspirations and dreams. It then is not surprising to see more immigrants queuing up for Canadian visas. The following are the top reasons why you should consider migrating to Canada.

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Canada

Canada is a Very Safe Country

Canada has consistently earned its place as one of the ten safest countries in the world in various surveys and indices. According to a Global Peace Index summit held in 2018, Canada ranks 6th among the world’s most peaceful countries. The index is based on certain factors, including crime rates, militarization, political stability, diplomatic relations, ongoing conflicts, incarceration rates, and the impact of terrorism, among others. Canada is known for its strong arms control and relatively peaceful approach to foreign diplomacy. Overall, crime rates in Canada are low and have declined significantly since their peak in the 1980s.

A Top-Notch Universal Health Care

Canada’s health care system is one of the most dynamic and affordable in the world. Health care is mostly free at the point of use and funded by government taxes. Each province is allocated a local health budget and issues health cards to all eligible residents, allowing them access to health care.

Depending on the nature of the visa you have, an immigrant may be granted a health card, but it is worth researching earlier if you need private insurance. There may be long wait times for some procedures. Notwithstanding, it is a little price to pay for access to some of the world’s best employees, facilities, and treatment methods.

Economic Power and Stability

Perfect images of spectacular lakes and mountains are certainly appealing, but anyone moving abroad should consider all possible destinations’ financial and practical benefits. Fortunately, Canada has one of the most powerful economies globally and offers various career options for any ambitious immigrant.

Canada’s banking operation is the foundation of its stable and secure economy. It has been voted the most stable in the world for seven consecutive years by the World Economic Forum. This financial security allows Canada to provide a good quality of life for the vast majority of residents and to have a high standard of living.

It Is Cheaper to Move to Canada

Compared to most other developed countries in Europe and North America, Canada is about the cheapest to migrate to. A comparison of four countries, namely Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada shows that Canada offers the cheapest route to migration. The findings revealed that it cost 22,882, 21,357, and 20,595 for a family of four to migrate to Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, respectively. For Canada, however, the cost is 15,255. The estimated cost covers the migration fees, rent and household items with one pet. This explains why Canada remains a top destination for migrants for decades.

Quality Higher Education

Most immigrant parents place a high level of value on education for their children. Canada’s affordable education system has contributed to its appeal to immigrants. It is globally known to be one of the best education systems and is easily accessible due to its affordable costs.
For parents immigrating to Canada, high education standards provide their children with future opportunities they would not otherwise have access to. Canadian diplomas and certificates are considered by many to be equivalent to those in the United States.


As a true fan of Canada, I can only advise those of you who are thinking about changing your life, to join us and enjoy our endless opportunities country. Although you shouldn’t go all the Immigration way on your own as it is extremely difficult, you can start with evaluating your chances by using a CRS Score calculator by yourself, which is the most important factor while trying to relocate to Canada and get permanent residency.

Immigration to Canada continues to grow as the world recognizes its education system, a strong economy, immigrant-friendly environment, and a host of other advantages. In addition, the government is committed to encouraging immigrants to Canada. According to CIC Weekly, the Canadian government even launched a new tool to help immigrants figure out which province and city would be best for them to settle in successfully.

From all indications, Canada will continue to be among the leading destinations for immigrants. It is a country where anybody can enter and achieve their dreams, irrespective of race, background, and gender.

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