Reasons to Annually Flush Your Hot Water Heater

We know that water is enriched with some minerals that are beneficial for us, but in the case of a water heater, these minerals get settled in the bottom of the tank. they will keep piling up and eventually will convert into gunk. that is not healthy and unsafe. it can result in the malfunctioning of your heater. you might have heard a lot about flushing your heater, but you keep wondering ‘why should I flush it when it’s working well’?. but it is the most important maintenance tip that you should be following regularly.

Check here we have why you should flush your water heater annually.

Reasons to Annually Flush Your Hot Water Heater

Increases Heating

As mentioned above, the gunk will take place in the tank. This sludge will be resistant to heat transfer. This will result in increased time for heating. your heater will take more than usual time to heat the same amount of water. If you are facing this problem already, then this is the time to clean and flush all the debris from the unit.

Less noise

Usually, water heaters don’t create any sort of disturbing noise. but without proper and regular flushing, it can accommodate a lot of sludge that will increase the workload on your heater. this will result in unsettling noise. this is an alarm, that your heater is losing its efficiency.

flush your heater so that there isn’t any disruption in the functionality of the heater.

Cut Down Your Electricity Bills

If you have a lot of workloads, you would need more energy. Similarly, your heater is working overtime and it needs more energy. it will start consuming electricity at a higher pace. That will end up in a high amount of electricity bills. If you still haven’t flushed the heater, both energy consumption and electricity bills will keep growing exponentially. it will keep adding up and eventually, your heater will stop functioning.

Flushing regularly will save you from expensive repairing work and electricity bills.

Your heater lives long

The average life of a water heater is around 8 to 10 years. not flushing over time can result in reduced shelf life. you would have to replace it way earlier. it’s not just about money, but premature failure can be hazardous for your health. such heaters are prone to explosion or deadly flooding. so keep your family and yourself safe from any disaster by simply flushing your heater after regular intervals.

Flushing Is Also For Tankless Heaters

There is a misconception that a tankless water heater doesn’t require regular flushing because it is ‘tankless’. well, a tankless heater does have less water storage capacity but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean it.  sediments can accommodate your heater resulting in less efficiency. so even if your heater is tankless don’t forget to flush and clean it.

Severe Damage

in an explosion, it spills gallons of water all over your home. That’s not just a lot of water wastage but can also cause severe damage or even causality. don’t put yourself in danger and keep flushing your water heater.

A proper guide to flush your heater 

The first step to safe and proper flushing is to turn off the gas or electricity depending upon which type of heater you have. make sure that the heater is cool, trying to flush when it’s hot is a bad idea.

Once the temperature of the heater is normal, cut off the water supply. use a nearby faucet( faucet installation san Diego) to prevent a vacuum. 

This will help in draining the tank faster. take a flexible pipe and attach it to the draining valve. wait until the water stops coming out of the valve, you may need a bucket to fill water in it. If you haven’t let the heater cool down, the water can be still very hot. now sprinkle the tank with cold water and allow it to drain. you may have to perform this step several times to clean the gunk and sediments. after the heater is completely drained, close the valve and fill the tank with a water supply. turn on the power source. This process is easy to perform at home but it does involve some dangers. taking help from a professional is never a bad idea, so if you are not willing to flush the heater you can always call a plumber for it.

Some final tips

If you haven’t flushed your water heater in the past few years, then this is the time to go for it. but if the last time you flushed your water heater was 5 to 6 years then it can be a bit problematic. cleaning your unit after so long can cause some leakage. This is because sediments get collected and then the heater starts overheating the tank which causes breakage in the steel.

So before flushing, think of getting help from a professional you can find more information.

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