Reasons for Using a Nonprofit Staffing Agency to Hire Interim Staff

Some organizations may not have previously considered hiring interim directors, experienced nonprofit leaders to serve their organization in a temporary capacity while filling positions within their company. This type of leader can be a great choice for organizations for several reasons.

Whether your nonprofit Board intervenes to initiate removal, or the Executive Director seizes another opportunity, the change is disruptive and causes upheaval for your nonprofit and its stakeholders.

Your nonprofit board decides to appoint a current member of staff as the nonprofit’s interim executive director.

Temporary leadership at the nonprofit allows the organization to take the time to undertake a rigorous and vigorous search for new permanent nonprofit leadership.

Nonprofits can employ experienced nonprofit interim staff to bridge the management gap while focusing on the key issues that need to be addressed to help maintain the work environment and increase the chances for new permanent leaders to succeed.

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For nonprofits, hiring the wrong people for senior leadership can be destructive and expensive. Few nonprofits have the power to function in key vacant positions.

Offers a whole new set of experiences

One of the greatest benefits of having an experienced interim leader to join an organization is that it is always a good thing to bring new energy into the organization. When a new and motivated person is involved in a leadership role, he or she is able to bring extensive experiences and new solutions to problems.

Experienced and trained Interim leaders can invite needed changes or planned evolutions.

Having an interim leader can also stop boards and management from looking for talent. In other words, having a short amount of time can remove the urgency to fill immediate positions and create time to identify the type of leader your organization needs while stabilizing dynamic, and often emotional situations.

If you are interested in hiring an interim leader at your nonprofit, the Scion Nonprofit Staff team is happy to help.

Having a staffing agency will give you access to a better and more diverse pool of skilled nonprofit professionals

Staffing agencies are home to many of the most skilled and in-demand candidates in the sector.

Because by having an agent, what you get is a recruitment service that is ready. Depending on the organization, these benefits will fluctuate in relevance over the seasons; especially with organizations facing a busy fundraising season, or those who may face losing support staff during the Pandemic.

Switching to a staffing agency while acquiring high capacity HR partners in professionals Recruitment experts will help you save unnecessary costs, such as Job advertisements on digital nonprofit boards, Pre-employment testing, background testing. Creation of a new payroll database, training, and orientation of new staff.

The main objective of the interim director is to achieve sustainable results as quickly as he can, using his past experiences and leadership skills. An experienced interim director can help your organization get back on its feet and on its path to success.

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