Quirky Valentine Gifts to Showcase Your Heartfelt Love

Quirky Valentine Gifts to Showcase Your Heartfelt Love!!

Normal is boring, and you guys are anything but normal. Everything is extraordinary about your love, from your love story to your chemistry. So, why would you choose a normal gift? Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 with something weird and something quirky that suits the personality of your relationship. We have made a list of weird Valentine’s Day gift that will compliment your love and take your Valentine’s Day from normal to exceptional.

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1. Couple Game

Want to spice up your romance? Then couples’ games are a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. There are many couples board games available in the market. According to our research, the best couple-games available are check and mate, Truth and dare, Scrabble, Twister. You can also play classic games like strip poker or Twenty Questions. These games will not only spice up your romance but can work as a normal game in a group of friends.

2. Two Person Sweater

Two Person Sweater

If you’re gifting your partner something purely for entertainment value, then this is the gift you should consider buying. The good cop and bad cop sweater is one big piece of knitted sweater that can fit two persons in it. This ugly sweater is completely-useless but funny. So, if you like laughing, then you found your perfect gift.

3. Photo Album

Photo Album

Photo album sounds like a normal-people gift…Right? Not if you add all of your ugly, quirky, and funny pictures in the albums. If you have a good sense of humor, you can convert anything into a quirky Valentine’s Day gift. So, open your pictures folder, get your ugly pictures out and make a customized photo album or a collage.

4. Personalized Love Contract

Love contacts sounds so fifty-shades kind of concept but let me assure you these contracts are nothing as serious and as twisted as Mr. Grey’s one. Personalized Love contract is all fun and games. Make some of your clauses, like who will wear the pants in the relationship and who will make the morning tea and get them written in a contract, just don’t expect any legal benefits.

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5. Headphone splitter

The weird part about the relationship is that, after some time, you guys start adopting each other habits, from their slang to music taste. So, if you guys have the same music taste, then you should definitely buy a headphone splitter. This will help you to connect two headphones to a single device. You guys could have a picnic date with food, wine, and music. Doesn’t that a useful yet funny Valentine’s Day gift

6. Personalized Vodoo doll

Everyone has an enemy. None of us are perfect so, if your boo hates someone from the bottom of their heart, then it’s time to get a personalized Vodoo doll. This Vodoo doll would be more of a gag gift, and who doesn’t like to poke their arch-enemy.

7. Best Lover Trophy

Do you think you got the best wife in the world? Or the coolest husband ever? If your answer is yes, then let them know how high you think of them by awarding them a trophy. You could add a certificate with it and make it more realistic just let them know that they can’t add it to the achievement section of their resume.

8. Onion Goggles

If your lover loves cooking, then be a supporting partner and gift them something they will appreciate. Onion Goggles! This is a gift that will protect their eyes from irritating onion gasses. Promise them that you won’t tolerate their tears, even if the tears are caused by something as harmless as onion.

Final Words: Quirky Valentine’s Day gift is all fun and laughter but, only if you give them with some thoughtful-romantic gift. To find out what to give your love on this Valentine’s Day 2021 you can go through Top Valentine Week Gifts Ideas.

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