QuickBooks POS invalid Product number

QuickBooks Pos Invalid Product Number Or often referred to as QuickBooks Point of sale Invalid Product number one of the well-known error people usually comes across older versions of QuickBooks Point of sale.

Doesn’t matter which version of QuickBooks Point of sale you are using, Or you may get stuck with an error code like, QuickBooks Invalid Product number or any setup related issue please let us know. Provide the exact error code to the QuickBooks pro advisor and give us a call. 

Following error of invalid product number/key which is error 176109, is being experienced because of the following issues:-

  • The files in the POS Entitlement folder which are very important for the software are seriously damaged and now the folder now contains some files that are damaged, within the folder.
  • You may be using an incorrect product key to install the software Quickbooks desktop POS which you have purchased with your software.
  • On your computer in which you are using your software, you may not able to log in as a Windows administrator on your computer which is restricting you in your procedure of opening and registering.

*Note:   Damaged Data is contained in a folder which is hidden named as Program data in your computer.In which you are using your software to be installed. If you are not able to find the folder because the folder is hidden, keep following the display hidden folder procedure in your computer,  or simply search for the files in the windows search.

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Here are some simple solution in order to get rid of this error:-

Solution 1: By deleting the contents which are stored in a folder named as entitlement client  in your computer

1-  You have to use your windows explorer to open the c: drive of your windows which contains a folder named Program Data. Inside that folder, you will get another folder named Intuit and again open a folder named  Entitlement Client, And now another folder named V8

2- When you are inside the folder named as / V8, on your keyboard just press q key combination “CTRL+A”  by which all the files in the folder will get selected, and then delete those files by pressing the “Delete “key on your keyboard while all the files are selected.

3- When the process confirmation pop up is displayed on your screen click on the yes option to continue the deletion process of files.

4-After you delete all the contained files in the V8 folder, you have to relaunch the software  Quickbooks Point and now you will be able to register into the software Quickbooks point of sale.

-If the error is not yet resolved by this solution1 continue to follow the second solution in order to resolve the issue

Solution 2:By the process of renaming the -WS Activity file in your computer

1- By  using your windows explorer you have to navigate and open a folder named Drive-C / Program Data and then again  open a folder named Intuit and continue to open a folder  namely Quickbooks POS XX in which you have to open another folder named Ini

2When you are inside the folder INI right-click in the folder named as –WSActivity and from the displayed options select the Rename option.

3- When the rename process is on rename the folder as –OLDWSActivity by clicking anywhere on your screen after renaming to save.

4-Now You Close The displayed window and delete the files of entitlement again by following the first solution. 

5- Now you have to relaunch the software named QuickBooks POS  and now you will be able to register into the software.

Solution 3: By performing Clean re-installation 

If your issue is not yet resolved by using the provided solution please contact Intuit Quickbooks Support to get help for clean rei-installation. 

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