Quality manager position in the company Uss Express

Young people often search for jobs from home because they want to combine them with private lives and studying. From this perspective, we recommend you consider at-home packing jobs. Many shipping companies hire new workers without background experience and special degrees, so this might be a good chance to earn some extra money. Uss-Express has recently opened a vacancy for a remote quality manager.

What is Uss-Express? Uss-Express LLC is an international shipping and ecommerce agency that delivers products from American online stores to clients all over the world. As the flow of orders is increasing, the company needs more staff to check the quality of shipped inventory. You can join their team by applying for a packing job at home. In this article, we will tell you how to do this and why you should consider this option.

Quality manager position in the company Uss Express
Quality manager position in the company Uss Express

What’s good about working as a quality manager

The position of quality manager in Uss-Express has more positive features than downsides. Just consider that you can work from home packing and shipping goods. Except for this, this job provides you with the following benefits:

  • regular income starting minimum from $1,700 per month;
  • the maximum income of a full-timer can reach up to $3,200;
  • generous bonuses for stable and productive performance;
  • the possibility to acquire new skills and enter the shipping industry with minimum knowledge of the area;
  • free access to a specially-designed digital solution that helps to do your duties more efficiently;
  • you can apply without filing your resume and mentioning your previous job experience.

Like all other shipping jobs from home, the quality manager job has some downsides:

  • your dwelling should serve as a storage of goods;
  • the flow of packages is very intense;
  • the industry is highly competitive and you must pay maximum effort every business day.

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Instructions on the duties of a quality manager

One more advantage of the quality manager at Uss-Express is that you can count on generous bonuses. However, to receive them, you have to show good performance and execute all your duties effectively. Here are the things you will be required to do if you are employed by Uss-Express as a quality manager:

  • repack items;
  • choose packing materials;
  • put labels;
  • compile reports;
  • send parcels with labels to specific addresses.

Reviews that Uss Express deserves

“The organization is respectable; I used to work in the company that I was required to work from home to receive and check the goods purchased from online vendors. I appreciate the work in this business, since the money was usually paid on time.”

In this review posted on AmbitionBox, Steven Barnett, a former quality manager of Uss-Express, writes that he liked working for this company because of the attitude of the bosses. Plus, the employer managed to keep the stated promises and provide the employer with distinct working conditions.

To make our review more objective, we also studied employee testimonials on other review platforms. Here is the table representing the average score of the Uss-Express employer. Note, that on Trustpilot, customers also publish their reviews.

PlatformScoreNumber of reviews (as of the date of writing)

Still interested in this employment? Apply now and become a part of the big shipping industry.

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Quality manager position in the company Uss Express
Quality manager position in the company Uss Express

Apply for an interview in less than a minute

Do you want to work from home shipping packages at Uss-Express? If after reading this article, you answer this question positively, we recommend applying. How can you do this? The algorithm is quite simple:

  1. Visit the website or click on the button above.
  2. File the application form for candidates.
  3. Take a 10-minute job interview.
  4. Complete a training session and a trial period.

From all the stated above, we might consider that the quality manager job at Uss-Express might be quite a helpful working experience for you. So don’t waste your time and apply for this job now!

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