Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Daily

For many people nowadays, drinking tea seems to have become a habit. No matter what kind of tea is good for health, of course, tea is also a well-known health drink, and among them, green tea is the most familiar to everyone. A healthy diet, in the past 20 years, thousands of studies have said that drinking green tea is good for the body, what are the specifics?

Green tea is produced from unfermented leaves of Camellia Sinensis, which is originated in china. It contains various proteins, full of antioxidants and many other ingredients which is very beneficial for a healthy life.


What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea? 

How Green Tea Reduces Stress and Keeps Our Mind Calm?

Green tea contains L-theanine, which can reach brain through the blood brain barrier. L-theanine causes brain to secrete GABA, which is an inhibitory hormone, that calm your brain by reducing stress.

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How Green Tea Keeps Our Body More Energetic?

Green tea contains certain amount of caffeine. Caffeine helps to block the action of adenosine, an inhibitory hormone. Thus, it increases the concentration of nor-epinephrine in our brain, which reduce our fatigue and make us energetic. Green tea also serves as one of the best natural pre workout alternatives. 

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Daily

How Green Tea Helps Us to Concentrate and Memorize Better?

Green tea boosts our brain. Reducing stress, it helps us to concentrate and make our memorizing power stronger.

How Green Tea Fights with Depression?

Green tea induces dopamine release in our brain, which is a mood regulator. Nor-epinephrine and dopamine synergistically work to turn on our mood which helps to make our day happier.

How Green Tea Fights with Aging?

Green tea is full of epigallocatechin Gallate, which is an anti-oxidant. It reduces our cell injury and makes our tissue healthy, which is essential for your younger look.

How Green Tea Keeps Our Bad Cholesterol Under Control?

According to research daily intake of Green tea help to reduce your cholesterol level. LDL is the main concern; high level LDL gives rise to various health problems, so it termed as BAD cholesterol. LDL level can keep in limit by Green tea.


How Green Tea Reduces the Chance of Stroke and Heart Failure?

Green tea helps to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. By lowering the cholesterol level and preventing the oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol), which is the main steps of forming atherosclerosis (fat deposition in the arterial wall), prevents the occurrence of cardio-vascular events like stroke and heart failure.

How Green Tea Fights with Certain Bacteria and Viruses?

It contains catechins which helps to fight with influenza virus (which causes respiratory illness) and certain types of bacteria like streptococcus.

How Green Tea Makes Our Skin Healthy and Shiny?

It contains polyphenols which has anti-inflammatory action combined with the anti-oxidant action of catechins, which makes our skin grow healthier and help to reduce the appearance of age related wrinkles. Local application of Green tea helps to clear up acne.


How Green Tea Keeps Our Mouth Fresh and Protect Our Teeth ?

Green tea catechins fights with local bacteria of mouth and make our mouth fresh. By inhibiting the action of cavity forming bacteria on teeth, it helps to protect our teeth from cavitation.

How Green Tea Reduces the Risk of Cancer?

According to research Green tea reduce the risk of cancer in certain amount. Study shows that person taking Green tea daily, in less chance of breast cancer (20-30%), colorectal cancer (40%) and prostate cancer. It also fights against esophageal, stomach, skin cancer (melanoma).

How Green Tea Protects us from Alzhiemer’s disease and Parkinsonism?

It prevents oxidative damage of brain by free radical. Study shows that; People taking Green tea are in less risk of developing dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) and parkinsonism in old age. 

How Green Tea Helps to Reduce Our Blood Pressure?

Atherosclerosis and anxiety are important causes developing high blood pressure. Green tea prevents both, thus protects us from the adverse effects oh hypertension.

How Green Tea Helps to Control Blood Sugar Level of Diabetic Patients?

Green tea increases insulin sensivity and regulate the glucose level. By its anti-oxidant action it also reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular and neurological side effects of diabetes.

How Green Tea Protects Our Vision form Free Radical Hobe?

It protects our eye from the oxidative damage of our vision free radicals and improves our vision.

Does Green Tea Increase Bone Mineralization?

According to study it increases the mineralization of bone and thus make our bone strong.

Does Green Tea Burn Fat and Help to Loose Weight?

For burning fat, Green tea is a good solution. It reduces our appetite and increase fat oxidation. Thus, it helps to loosen weight quickly.


When to Take Green Tea?

Morning Green tea in empty stomach is not recommended, which increases chance of peptic ulcer. It should not be taken immediately after meal, which may hamper iron absorption. Green tea before going to bed may hamper your sleep. Best time of taking Green tea is between the meals.


How Much Green Tea is Good for Health?

Excessive of anything is always bad. Daily 3 cups of Green tea is recommended for best benefit.

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