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Among all the management certifications a Product Owner Certification is the most valuable yet fruitful for the people in the management arena. It is probably the best fit for someone who has an eye for detail, one who can meet deadlines, provides creative yet effective solutions to complex problems, and to stamp it with legitimacy you need a professional Product Owner certification and for that, you need a Certified Scrum Product Owner Course.

Product Owner Certification

The shift of global organizations towards the Agile methodology has given a boon to the certified Product Owners and in turn, the CSPO training has become hot these days. It has become a smart choice for individuals to make. Corporates can’t risk this role for an incompetent substitute. This role requires a proficient candidate who is efficient in the art of Agile that is managing the Product Backlog and arranging the projects.

What is a certified SCRUM product owner certification?

Working with the Scrum team is what this CSPO Training prepares individuals for. The primary job of the Product Owner is to ensure maximum product deliveries along with dealing with the Product Backlog and overlooking the tasks accordingly. The Product Owner is also responsible for the final product delivery from the Developers. Also, the certification process guarantees you knowing all the steps of the development and delivery.

The positions of Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Product Managers are completely different and have different roles when it comes to managing the projects, although 70% of all the Product Managers are Product Owners. This difference is because the Product Owners are the champs of Scrum and have the wholesome responsibility of transmitting the information to the people out of the Agile team, whereas the Product Managers mainly deal with the Product Backlogs.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certification presented by Scrum Alliance which is also famous for the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) selection. An individual possessing the CSPO certification has an advanced knowledge of the Scrum framework, putting it into simpler words that will test the fundamentals and also test the ability to deliver the product to the client. There is no test, all you have to do is gain the training and you’re good to be counted as a certified CSPO in the Scrum Alliance.

product owner certification

Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification

Professional Scrum Product Owner also known as PSPO is from the house of, this one of the famous certification programmes of the lot. The examination being hard and the candidates tested based on the Scrum principles is what makes it a highly regarded certification in the industry. There are 3 stages of the PSPO certifications from lower to higher level.

  • PSPO I – For absolute beginners, this certification costs $200.
  • PSPO II – For the individuals who aspire to train for core topics and product backlog management, this programme costs for around $250.
  • PSPO III – The most advanced learning of the scrum framework is provided by this assessment which costs around $500.

The firm determination of working with the Scrum framework is the prime prerequisite of the Certified Scrum Product Owner Course mentioned in the above section of the article. Building the fundamentals and then acing the Product Owner interviews is the main objective of these courses. The decision could vary according to the goals and budget of an individual.

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