Biography of The TikTok Star Priyanka Mongia Net Worth

Biography of The TikTok Star Priyanka Mongia Net Worth

Priyanka Mongia is liked by almost every person who has an account on TikTok. If you ever searched over the internet to find out who is the most followed TikTok star in recent time, the Ans will be Priyanka Mongia. She is very popular for her humour when she appears in short videos on TikTok or other social media platforms.

Till this year she has a long list of achievements. She is talented enough in lip sync videos. Till now she has acted as a model in various music videos which hit the internet so hard.

In this article, we are enthusiastic to share everything about Priyanka Mongia Net worth, her career, personal life, and so on.

Priyanka Mongia Net Worth And Her Career

Priyanka Mongia is one of the prettiest TikTokers in India. She has a long fan base according to her social media followers, fans, and subscribers. Her dazzling eyes, pretty smiles, outstanding outfit ideas, and overall humorous personality made every video pretty interesting for others.

She had immense popularity on TikTok before it was banned in India. After that, she started getting active on other social media platforms like takatak, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. She is just a beginner in the acting world.

She holds an immense passion for entering this world and has desires to become more famous than she now is. Recently she was cast in a Punjabi music video “Kabraan” which was directed by Zorawar. This music video was a great opportunity for Priyanka Mongia to start her career as an actor and a model as well.

Priyanka Mongia Net Worth And Her Career

Now she is preparing herself and making her skills even more perfect for being a model in Indian television. Her destination is to be a supermodel and a famous actress in Bollywood. She is very ambitious to get fame beyond home and abroad. Priyanka Mongia fan- followers appreciate her for her brilliant lip sync videos on Instagram reels and handle so much and also encourage her to become an actress in Indian television.

Until then, Priyanka Mongia is developing skills and continues to appear on social media platforms regularly. She is a very active social media influencer as she keeps posting her newest videos and photos among her followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Priyanka Mongia has a lot of followers and thus she earns a lot of money from her social media accounts. So it may be an entertaining question to find out what is Priyanka Mongia Net Worth.

Priyanka Mongia Net Worth

As you know Priyanka Mongia is a great popular influencer on various social media platforms so she earns quite a good amount of income by modeling and it is above 60000 Indian rupees as her salary per month.

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And Priyanka Mongia net worth is pretty much astonishing as she is a beginner and she is worth around 300k plus. Her prosperity with her career will raise her worth in Bollywood. She has 1287 followers on her Twitter profile, 7.2 million followers on her Instagram Profile, 50k followers on the Facebook page, and a huge number of subscribers on the YouTube channel.

Priyanka Mongia Net Worth

Who Is Priyanka Mongia

Priyanka Mongia is a teenage-looking star who is actually a 25 years old lady. Priyanka is a Hindu girl by her family culture and traditions. She got fame by posting charming videos on TikTok and gradually fan following increased.

She is a newcomer in the modeling industry and has done a few music videos of Punjabi directors. Once there was a viral news story about her death but it was just a rumour spread by yellow journalism.

Priyanka Mongia Age

Well, many of you may have seen Priyanka Mongia on her uploaded videos. Doesn’t she look like a teenage girl? Yeah, she seems like a pretty teenage girl but actually, she is a 25 year’s young lady. Her charming face, glamorous appearance and sense of dressing like a tomboy make her look even younger than her actual age.

Priyanka Mongia Physical Feature

Priyanka Mongia introduces her as a comedian and influencer in front of her fans on social media. Her Instagram and Twitter profile is full of uploaded photos of charming poses even her gyming photoshoots are there. Thus people who have huge attention to know about her physical features.

Priyanka Mongia Height Weight And Body Features

The most attractive part of Priyanka Mongia is her maintained figure as she is a fitness freak. Priyanka Mongia is nearly 111 lbs in weight. Her actual body fitness comes with a measurement of 32-26-32 inches. She is much more beautiful when she dances throughout the videos she remakes.

Priyanka Mongia is 166 cm in height, which is 5 feet and 4 inches. With a perfect height and weight, she holds a very good look and she loves to wear sneakers with western outfits, therefore. She loves making collections of sunglasses for herself. Priyanka Mongia has long, silky and dark brown dyed hair which suits her tomboy personality more beautifully with her black eyes.

Family Members And Relationship Status Of Priyanka Mongia

Well, Priyanka Mongia’s parents are unknown to us, we could not manage any information about them. We mentioned before that she is a 25 years old lady though She looks like a teenager. Priyanka Mongia’s date of birth is 27-09-1997. She is from Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Her zodiac sign by horoscope is Virgo.

Priyanka Mongia’s elder brother is Gaurav Mongia. And she also has a sister named Heena Malhotra. Priyanka Mongia is unmarried and has no boyfriend so far.

Educational Qualifications

According to Priyanka Mongia’s educational qualifications, she graduated from Khalsa College Punjab, India. It is her recent educational qualifications to which she belongs till now. She is also ambitious to get a further study like postgraduate and PhD from abroad, therefore.

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Hobbies And Favourite Things of Priyanka Mongia

Priyanka Mongia loves to eat any kind of non-vegetarian food, especially Rajma Chawal and Shahi Paneer, her best favourite among homemade foods. In fact, she loves to eat Chinese food, pizza, burgers, chocolate and even she loves Thai food. Priyanka Mongia’s fans openly show interest to know about her hobbies.

Well, Priyanka Mongia loves to travel, watch movies, cook, and make videos on TikTok and YouTube also. She has a great interest in shopping randomly. Priyanka Mongia loves to wear Salwar Suits, Jeans-tops and Skirts.

Priyanka Mongia loves acting and everything which is related to Bollywood she is obsessed with that. Her favourite actors are Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. Priyanka Mongia’s favourite actresses are Kajol, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif.

Priyanka Mongia loves passing her leisure time by watching mega serials on TV. Even though her favourite show is Hum Sath Sath Hai and her favourite film is pk. Red, pink, white and black are her favourite colours. Cricket is Priyanka Mongia’s favourite game to watch.

Contact Details And Active Social Profiles Of Priyanka Mongia

There are thousands of Priyanka Mongia’s fans like us who want to contact her. Well we got a few active social profiles of her to share here for you. The contact details of Priyanka Mongia we managed to bring are here. 

Priyanka Mongia’s Email Id: [email protected]

Instagram ID: piyanka_mongia

YouTube channel: Priyanka_Mongia

Twitter profile: @Piyanka_Mongia

Facebook page: @PriyankaMongiaOfficialPage

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Tik Tok profile: @piyanka_mongia

Snapchat Profile: Priyanka Mongia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Priyanka Mongia’s favourite food?

Priyanka Mongia will love to have any kind of Punjabi food. But specifically, she loves to eat Shahi Paneer and Rajma Chawal as her all-time favourite.

How old is Priyanka Mongia?

Priyanka Mongia is now a 25 years old Punjabi Model.

What is Priyanka Mongia’s favourite hobby?

Priyanka Mongia’s favourite hobby is recording lip-sync videos on the 90’s popular songs. She also loves travelling and collecting a variety of shoes for herself.

Does Priyanka Mongia have a boyfriend?

No, Priyanka Mongia comes from a reserved Hindu family. She kept restrained herself from fussing over such relationship matters and all. She never mentioned having any boyfriend of hers.


Priyanka Mongia started her career as a normal fancy girl who loves to sing and act in trending remake videos. It was her beautiful looks and even more beautiful performance which attracted a huge number of viewers towards her and made her popular by the day. Her educational background is very high and we think she will do even better with her talent.

We discussed various interesting information about this popular influencer here. Plus we also talked on Priyanka Mongia net worth . The pride of Punjab, an active influencer, a sensational model in music videos and the best lip sync female tik tok video maker, Priyanka Mongia, who is holding her career to the best. She has enough spark to get even more successful in her career in future if she continues her journey.