Preparing Your Deck For Cleaning

Whether you’re planning to stain or paint your deck, it’s essential to prepare it properly. You can do this by sealing the wood’s pores, using a soapy solution, and applying a restorative cleaner.

Clean with a soapy solution

Keeping a deck clean is a good idea. It will protect your deck from mold, mildew, and algae. It will also keep yellow jackets from nesting.

When cleaning a deck, it is essential to clear away all debris. This includes debris that is stuck in the cracks between boards. A broom will also help you remove any excess dirt.

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll want to use a product suitable for your particular deck material. You can find several commercial deck cleaners on the market. Some of these are recommended for decks that have been treated with preservatives. You’ll also want to check with your deck manufacturer to see which products they recommend.

You can also use Deck Cleaning Charleston SC solution. The DIY version isn’t as toxic as some commercially available products. However, you do need to wear rubber gloves and be careful to use only the most appropriate product.

Use a biodegradable product.

Using a biodegradable product to clean your deck is a great way to keep the environment safe and the home clean. You’ll also avoid harsh chemicals like bleach. It’s also safe for your pets and kids.

There are several types of biodegradable cleaning products available. These products can clean your deck and eliminate dirt, algae, and mildew. Some products are made from natural ingredients, like lye, while others are based on common household ingredients.

OxiClean is a biodegradable, non-toxic deck cleaner. OxiClean is also safe for plants and the environment. It contains sodium percarbonate, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. Unlike chemical bleaches, OxiClean is less toxic to plants. It’s safe to use with a pressure washer.

You can also make your biodegradable cleaner at home. The most popular biodegradable cleaning recipes involve baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap. Some recipes can be found online, while others are available from a retailer like Amazon.

Apply a restorative cleaner

Cleaning your deck with a restorative cleaner is suitable for protecting the wood and can help you avoid future stains. Before applying a beneficial cleaner, it is essential to prepare your deck for staining. This includes cleaning the surface and removing any dirt and debris. You may also need to use a brightener.

You may need to invest in a more robust cleaner if you have an old wooden deck. Older decks may also need more attention if the color is faded or mildew darkens the surface. You may also need to remove a stain from the deck.

When cleaning your deck, wear protective clothing and long sleeves. Some cleaning solutions may contain corrosive chemicals, damaging plants and wood.

Seal the pores of the wood

Whether you’re building a deck, fence, or pergola, a good sealer will add a protective layer and improve its durability. It also allows the wood to absorb stain or paint better, reduces the number of coats you’ll need, and locks in waxes and contaminating oils.

There are two types of sealers. Some are self-sealing, while others need to be applied with special tools. Regardless of the type of sealer you choose, it’s best to apply it in small areas at a time. Wearing protective gear when using the product is also a good idea.

For the most part, sealing the pores of wood is easy. You can remove the filler with a clean cloth and 220 or 320-grit paper. Alternatively, you can rub it out with a grain of wood. You’ll need a couple of days to allow the filler to cure.