Preparation Strategy for NEET Biology Exam

Knowing the chapter-wise weightage for an examination like NEET will give you an upper edge. Being a tough competitive exam, the competition is also severe. Almost lakhs of students apply and the number of seats is only around few thousand. You have to be among the rankers in order to get admission to your dream government college. Therefore make sure you have downloaded or printed Chapterwise Weightage For NEET Biology, along with the other subjects. Go through this article to know more about the topic in detail. 

Importance of knowing the weightage

The importance of this process, before starting the preparation of the examination is well known. Some of the benefits you might get from this step are as follows:

  • Will give you an upper edge over the other.
  • It will help you prepare a strategy that is more effective than the others.
  • You can easily get to know the chapters you should give more focus on, and not just randomly start any chapter. 
  • This way you can secure most of the mask and if time suffices or maybe at the end, you can focus on other chapters that are not that important. 

The overall pattern and marking scheme of NEET

Before focusing on the chapter-wise importance of the biology section, let us look at the overall pattern, which includes all three that is biology, chemistry, and physics. 

The NEET examination is now conducted under the supervision of NTA and is a total of 720 marks. In this biology contains the major portion with 360 marks and the rest 360 is divided equally between chemistry and physics. There is a negative marking of 1 mark and 4 marks are awarded for every correct answer.

This negative marking should be kept in mind while solving the paper, as it can be a great loss and might bring your rank down. If you do not know the answer just leave it don’t play your haunch on the paper. It is advised that start with the biology section and try to secure above 300 marks without any negative marking, after that move to chemistry and physics accordingly. 

Chapterwise Weightage For NEET Biology 

Now let’s specifically focus on the major portion of NEET, that is the biology section. The biology section as mentioned above comprises 90 questions which can get you up to 360 marks in total. In this section, 45 questions are from the botany sections and the other 45 questions are from the zoology section.

If we talk about the main resource that should be used is NCERT, it has been observed from the past year’s papers that about 85% of the questions in the biology sections are directly from NCERT. You can gain these marks easily if you have read and learned NCERT line by line. Try remembering the concepts along with getting the basics clear rather than mugging up the chapters.

The remaining 15% can also be solved if you have read NCERT properly, but they are a little twisted so you need to think before answering them.   Thus giving equal weightage to all the subjects. Now let us dive into the chapter-wise weightage section. 

First, let’s see the weightage of botany in the biology section. The chapter that has the highest weightage and is also the most important of all is plant physiology, and it comprises up to 9 questions. Genetics and ecology which is in the 12th syllabus are the next in line with around 7 questions. To gain proper marks mark sure all your concepts in genetics are clear as there can be indirect questions.

After that, the chapter like cell and cell cycle, diversity of life, and structural organization of plants have somewhat similar weightage with 6 or 5 questions every year. The remaining chapters of botany like reproduction and biology in human welfare can be left for last, as they contain 2 questions each. But it is better to do them than to leave so that you are on the safer side. 

Now let us move to the zoology section, which also contains 45 questions. The most important chapter of zoology that should be done at the very start without fail is human physiology which can help you secure as much as 48 marks for biology.

Animal husbandry and biotechnology is also an important chapter and is part of the class 12th syllabus, which contains at least 10 questions. Biomolecules and animal kingdom are the chapters that can require a little bit more time as they cannot be remembered in the first go, they both contain around 6 questions and 5 questions respectively.

Then you can move to chapters like evolution, human health, and disease and human reproduction and reproductive health which can get you up to 16 marks each. Once you have read and memorized these chapters and your basics are cleared then you can move to the structural organization of animals which does not have much weightage. The number of questions from each chapter may vary but it will similar to the number of questions given above.

What should you do now?

Now, that you know the overall weightage of each section and chapter weightage of biology in detail, you should use this to strategize your preparation. Resources and guidance are also important so, stick to NCERT and try to read it at least thrice for better confidence in the examination hall. Give preferences to the important chapter and try to finish them first so that the major portion of the syllabus is secure now.

This article must have given you some of the additional tips that you might not have applied till now. The other thing that should be noted here is that you must also give importance and devote appropriate time to the other parts of the syllabus. Being a biology student the biology sections might be the score booster but the other two sections can also flip the score along with the rank, thus you need to give importance to the same. 

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