Post-Move: Tips on Organizing and Settling

Moving home is both exciting and overwhelming, while all the hard work related to moving haunts a person, the excitement of living in a new place is no less. Moving is not just a change of place but also a change of lifestyle. You get to live in a new house around new people and in a new culture. When we think of moving, we plan everything related to it including packing, finding a new home, paying off bills, and transporting our goods to a new place but often we forget to plan our post-move tasks. The moving process cannot be completed until you settle at your new place. The process of unpacking and settling at your new home is very much a part of your move and should be planned and done properly so that you can go through this transition easily.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to settle at your new place easily after the move:

Count and Place the Boxes Right

Once the best long distance movers have delivered your items, you need to count and inspect your boxes well just as you made sure that everything was uploaded at your old house. Do not just assume that all the boxes are delivered safely. Also, make sure the boxes are kept in their assigned rooms, and to execute this properly, you can color-code them.

Don’t Rush, Take Your Time

Do not try to do unpack everything at once, do things calmly. Take one room at a time but make sure you organize your kitchen first. Once your kitchen and bathrooms are organized, you will be able to concentrate on other parts of the home well. Start unpacking essentials and things of basic needs.

It is wise to pack a bag of essentials before moving so that you do not have to unpack all your boxes at once. Make sure you keep essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, mobile and laptop chargers, hand towels, a set of clothes, and some coffee pouches in your essentials bag.

Make your bed immediately after moving into your new home as you would like to have a good and peaceful sleep after a hard moving day. You can even consider eating out for a few days till you clean and organize your home well but do not overdo it as this may take a toll on your health.

Listen to your favorite music while organizing the house. Take out some time for yourself and plan your interior based on comfort and personal choice.

Change Locks and KnowEmergency Services

Make sure you replace the locks of all the outer doors to ensure the safety of your new house. It is wise to do so as the old residents may have given the keys to their family or neighbors, so to stay safe, it is better to get all the locks replaced.

Also, learn about the emergency services of your new area. Make a list of contact numbers of nearest essential services like hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, and utilities’ emergency numbers.

Clean the House and Start Decorating

A clean house is a key to a peaceful mind. Make sure you clean your house well after organizing the things at their respective places. You can even consider hiring professional house cleaning services. Once you are done with cleaning, now plan the interior of your house. Decorate your home based on your personal choice and comfort. A beautifully decorated home will help you in settling faster. When you decorate a place with your own hands and get involved in the process, you tend to feel attached to it.

Know Your Neighbors

Go out and meet people to know the culture and lifestyle of your new area. Socializing with people will make you feel at home and help you in settling there faster. Moving brings in emotional stress too and meeting people can help you overcome this stress. Making and maintaining good and healthy relations with your neighbors and new friends will keep you happy and you will settle easily.

Housewarming Party

Throw a housewarming party once you have organized the house. If you have moved within the city, it is a good way to catch up with your old friends and family and if you have moved out of the city, it is the best way to meet your neighbors and make new relations.

Embrace the Change

Do not over-expect from yourself, take your time to embrace the change. It takes time to settle into a new home and a new routine. Moving is a big life event and should be treated like one. It may take some time to have a normal routine and that is okay. Call your loved ones once in a while and meet new people too.

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