Australia provides a glut of exceptional sporting talent and events that the people down under can sink their teeth into. With so many different sports on offer though, which are the most popular events?

This list provides five of the most popular sporting events and what you can expect to see if you tune in to one of the games.

Australian Open

The Grand Slams in tennis are always well-received no matter where it is being played, with the Australian Open standing proudly alongside Slams in France, the USA, and Wimbledon in England.

The Australian Open always brings a hugely impressive and raucous following for all of the matches with the Australian tennis faithful passionately showing their support for anyone and everyone on the tour, with the likes of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer particularly well supported.

Bledisloe Cup

The Bledisloe Cup is an annual competition in rugby union that is played out between Australia and New Zealand. As of 2021, the cup is firmly in the hands of New Zealand, who have clinched the title 49 times.

The 49th triumph came after New Zealand romped to three straight victories in 2021, beating the Aussies 33-25, 57-22, and 38-21. The All Blacks have been the team to beat in rugby union for quite some time now and the Aussies have had to take the brunt of this, with Australia only winning the cup 12 times in total.

Australia is slowly building back up to become a force in rugby but, unfortunately for their fans, they are still a long way short of New Zealand.

State of Origin

State of Origin is an annual series that sees New South Wales Blues and Queensland Maroons playing out a best-of-three series. This series is seen by many as the greatest rivalry in Australian sport, and it is able to lure huge numbers to watch through both tickets sold and via the televised event itself.

It is also one of the biggest betting events and why punters take up the Winnersbet sign up offer. This rugby league event is one that captures the imagination of Australia, and it has been won the most times by Queensland, although it was New South Wales that clinched the shield in 2021.

With big hits, outrageous skill, and nail-biting finishes, the State of Origin series is the pinnacle of rugby league in Australia.

The Ashes

The oldest rivalry in cricket and a fiercely contested series between Australia and England. The Ashes sees the two sides battling it out over the course of five Test matches with the winner taking home the little urn and all the bragging rights.

When in England, the Ashes series is very tight, with it generally able to go either way. However, in Australia, it is a completely different story.

The Aussies have dominated the Ashes series down under as they brutally defeat their opponents, utilizing the dry, hard conditions to their advantage, with their fast and aggressive bowlers incredibly tough to deal with.

Australia currently holds the Ashes after dismantling England 4-0, with the English unable to get their hands on the urn since the 2015 series.

NRL & AFL Grand Finals

The NRL Grand Final and AFL Grand Final are among the biggest and most well-attended events in the world of sport. The fanfare before the rugby league and Aussie Rules deciders is very entertaining, with the game itself usually preceded by an opening ceremony, while the trophy itself will usually be delivered by the Australian Army.

The match rarely disappoints, with the huge crowds treated to a spectacle of rugby league action that only goes to show just how loved the sport is. With stadiums packed to the brim and tv audiences watching with bated breath, the Grand Finals are an incredibly popular sporting event in Australia.


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