Popular Save the Dates for A Wedding   

The first glimpse guests get of your wedding is through your save-the-date cards. The overall vibe and theme are depicted through the save-the-date cards.

There are many unique ways to create a beautiful card. All you have to do is choose what you like and start working on creating it.

Couples put their heart and soul into creating what they like and have envisioned for a long time. 

There are several ways you can create a beautiful card: mixing traditional cards with modern ones and creating something according to your liking.

As soon as you decide on a theme, you must remember that this is the same theme on which you will have to create your marriage invitation card.  

Save the dates ideas     

The first step is taking time out of your busy schedule and looking for designs that will make you save the dates and look exquisite. 

Here are some unique save-the-date ideas you can choose from and send to your loved ones to tell them that you will be tying the knot soon. 

  • Save the date magnets: Thinking of magnets is a very ingenious idea. Guests can stick these magnets with the wedding date on their refrigerator and get reminded of it every day. They will get excited about the celebration they will be a part of every time they get a glimpse of it. 
  • Terrazzo: What makes its mark in the interior design world can not be left behind, and thus terrazzo is a unique stone with confetti-like patterns that can be used to create beautiful save the dates. Your guests can keep this beautiful piece anywhere in the house.
  • Foil-pressed card: You can never go wrong with adding shimmery foil to any design. Gold looks good on almost any color, whether emerald green, blue, pink or any other pastel or dark color. The gold on the cards will give a very glamorous touch and make the cards stand out. 
  • Postcards: A postcard style save the date is old school but, in my opinion, will never go out of fashion. Rather than opting for standard first-class postage, you can choose a cheaper option that is more eco-friendly and sustainable. 
  • Bookmarks: There is a possibility that you and your partner are a pair of bookworms and want to send out save-the-date cards that look like bookmarks. All the essential details of the wedding can be printed on the bookmark and sent out to the guests in time. 
  • Animated video: Creating a cute animated video will steal the hearts of your guests. You can share these cards with your loved ones and get many reactions to them over social media. Getting an animated video made and sent to your loved ones will save you the cost of getting cards printed and sent out. 

Creating a save-the-date for a wedding is not tricky. Apart from the options listed above, there are many other ways in which you can create beautiful save-the-dates. You just need to put your creative side to the test and go with the flow.

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