What glasses are in style? Popular glasses 2021

Popular Glasses 2021 – Glasses are the best accessory you could ever use to enhance your look, there’s no doubt that spectacles are getting popular. They are a must-have thing in every fashion lover’s wardrobe. Whether you wear them as prescription glasses or just use them as a fashion accessory, a new pair of glasses every time can give you a fresh and better look. 

Let us take a quick peek into the trends that are becoming everyone’s darling these days. 

Popular Glasses

Most popular glasses: styles and shapes

This season sees the comeback of most of the popular eyewear trends, they are worth trying at least once. Some of them are listed below: 

Cat-eye glasses

The still trendy Cat-eye glasses, the best friend of most of the ladies, are rocking again this season. Most stylish and chic working women opt for this trend as cat-eyes make you look bold and confident. Retro cat-eye glasses never went out of the trend game. They were in a little pause and now back with the usual glamour. If you want a kickass look, try them out. 

These glasses suit almost every style you choose, but these glasses are perfect with your office attire. You will totally nail the chic office lady look.

Clear glasses

Clear glasses are another trendy pair of glasses this year. You can find crystal clear clinking in a lot of fashion accessories. It has grabbed the attention of most fashion designers for different accessories, and prescription glasses are nowhere behind. These glasses with their unisex appeal are a matter of everybody’s attention. Just look at the clear elegant look you get with them on your face. If you need something cool and stylish then there’s nothing better than clear or transparent glasses. 

Wooden glasses

The next glasses that are slowly grabbing eyes are wooden glasses. They are so awesome and are also beneficial in many ways. The guilt-free feelings they give are enough for you to instantly switch to this choice of frames. Overall, you look a little mature, intellectual and luxurious with the unique and fine texture of these wooden frames.

Thick rimmed glasses

What’s the shape of this year? Any shape that brings a splash of geometry. Gone are the days of regular rectangular frames. You have to get creative and think out of the box. And glasses help you see things better. Try out some thick-rimmed geometric glasses. 

These glasses are more tamed around the corners, which gives it a bold or a thick look. These glasses suit well for every face, as they have got the elements of the round and square giving a much-balanced appearance with a lot of personalities. 

Doesn’t matter what your glasses shape are. They can be heptagon, octagon or eccentric frame with one square and another round lens. Get them in thick rims with bold and vibrant colours. Many of y’all would also choose a mix of colours. If you are one of the hip crowd, let your glasses speak for themselves. 

Vintage, large round glasses

Large frames are very popular in 2021. With their look enhanced with the vintage kick and the round shape, they are well suited for round and rectangular shaped faces. These glasses can be matched with a variety of outfits. Let it be a fully professional look or a stunning retro look, these glasses will always make you look refreshed each time you flaunt them. 

Round glasses are preferred by many, making these glasses a great choice. Large frames are a perfect partner for bold looks. Small glasses look a bit more elegant, even docile. You can always choose funky colours to make your entrance worth remembering. 

Translucent nude glasses

Everyone loves black. But black is boring. Let’s admit it. Every year you cannot go get those black glasses frames. They are classy but let’s try something different. Maybe this thought is what makes pink nude over the trend. 

You can go for any rainbow colours, neutral tones or even jewel tones, pink nude is the most eye-pleasing with a breath of fresh air. Add this distinctive pair of glasses to enhance your look. This pair of glasses will never let you get overlooked whenever you step into the crowd. 

These glasses go well even with your day to day outfits, so this pastel pink or nude pink does not need any alternative. This popular eyewear trend will add a carefree vibe to any outfit you wear. There’s one thing that you need to keep in mind, wear light coloured outfits to maintain the focus on your glasses. 

Tortoiseshell glasses

How can I even forget these? Forget about those boring brown coloured tortoiseshell glasses, now there are so many colours that are trending in this style. Make sure you find the perfect pair for yourself that will match your skin tone and hair. 

Oversized glasses

You all must have heard or read about the new trend in the eyewear industry, the oversized glasses with funky chains. These funky metal chains around your glasses look super cool and also help with easy access to your frames. Keep your specs safe and handy with these super cool metal chains.

 If you want to opt for a cool statement then oversized glasses with these chunky chains are surely the best option for you.

So these were some of the trends that are getting popular this year. Make sure that you hope on to these trends at least once to keep up with the trends and also to look cool every time you step out with these glasses. 

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