5 important questions about picking up your rental car at the Dubai airport

Most customers pick up their rental car at the airport directly. It’s practical and straightforward. The rental car stations are usually located directly in the terminal or can be reached with a free shuttle service. In this article we answer the 5 most common questions about picking up a rental car at the airport.

What are the advantages of being picked up at the airport?

When you pick up your rental car at the airport, you benefit from longer and, above all, flexible opening times .

When booking, you will be asked to provide your all information. This will be forwarded to the car rental Dubai company on the site so that they are informed of you. However, this is no guarantee that the rental company will automatically reserve the vehicle for you until the arrival of the flight and beyond. Please note that you are responsible for informing the boss accordingly in the event of an anticipated delay.

On request, you can also return your rental car outside of opening hours if your return flight departs very early or very late in the day. Feel free to contact the representatives on the phone if you have any questions. This is only possible to a limited extent at stations in the city. You can find the opening times of your rental station at the airport in your Voucher.

 Picking up at the airport can also be advantageous when it comes to the rental car model. Normally you do not have one when booking a rental carEntitlement to a specific car model. But because the demand is greater than in the city, car rental companies at large airports have a larger and more diversified car fleet, so that the chance of the desired model is better.

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Where is the rental car station at the airport?

Finding the location of your car rental Dubai company can be a tedious process, especially in large airports. Descriptions of the station by the boss are unfortunately not always clear.

The stations are often not well signposted, in which case it is best to ask about your car rental at other counters.

Pay attention to your search for Car rental in Dubai. whether the rental station is really in the terminal. Some car rental companies also understand “pick-up at the airport” to be a free shuttle service from the terminal to the rental station. To exclude the shuttle service from your search, you can filter out all the relevant offers on different car rental providers. You can find out how this works below in the text.

Is it really faster to pick up at the airport?

As a rule: yes, if the station is really in the terminal and is not first approached by shuttle bus. However, there can be long waiting times at the rental car counter in the high season if several planes arrive at the same time. This is especially true for popular travel destinations,z. B. at the airport in Mallorca. Some car rental companies counter this problem with so-called priority check-ins, which are chargeable and are intended to ensure shorter waiting times. A useful tip if there are at least two people traveling: One waits at the baggage carousel while the other goes to the rental car counter.

In the city, the queues are not necessarily shorter, e.g. B. when the rental station is approached both by travelers from the airport (shuttle bus) and by people from the city directly. However, many drivers react to waiting times that are too long in the city by setting up second offices, which counteracts the problem well. It can therefore make sense to only collect the rental car in the city if you have included a shuttle service to the hotel during your trip.

They also provide information about the waiting times at different providers at different stationsReviews from our customers.

How does the shuttle service to the rental station work?

If you opt for an offer with a shuttle service from the terminal, a bus from the operator will take you to your rental station just outside the airport.  During the station’s opening times, the buses usually depart every 10 or 15 minutes from the parking lot near the terminal and usually do not take longer than 15 minutes to get to the station .

But it can also be that the buses only come on demand . You can find the information on this in your voucher. The exact location of your bus is usually also stated on the voucher. Most of the time, the buses also have easily recognizable labels.

Is there an extra cost to pick up at the airport?

The fee is usually charged Delivery to the hotel. But there are also providers, especially in popular holiday destinations, where this extra service is included.


Do you have any questions about picking up at the airport? Or are you looking for a specific offer for your rental car trip? Simply contact car rental dubai services. Their customer advisors will be happy to help you and of course free of charge.

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