Best Physical Therapist in Brooklyn

A  physical therapist in Forest Hills is a doctor who restores or maintains the physical activity and health of patients of different ages using natural and artificial physical factors (exercise, massage, temperature, magnetic fields, and so on).

Physical therapy in Forest Hill also involves treatment with natural factors and the determination of the optimal method of exposure to artificial factors (for example, hydrotherapy or laser) on the tissues of the body. Physiotherapist treats:

  • Nervous system pathologies.
  • Diseases of the spinal column and joints.
  • Sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngopharyngitis.
  • Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.
  • Gastritis, colitis, duodenitis.
  • Diseases of the skin.
  • Pathology of the genitourinary sphere.

A regular visit to a physical therapist in Forest Hills once every few months will not only get rid of existing diseases, but also prevent possible risks, and ensure safety for your body.

Periodic health-improving courses of physiotherapeutic treatment show excellent results. In particular, the services of a physiotherapist may be needed in spring and autumn for chronic osteoarticular diseases, peptic ulcer disease, and bronchial asthma.

Diseases for which you need to see a physiotherapist

A physical therapist in Brooklyn, NY develops recommendations and suggestions for health promotion and disease prevention for a specific person, since we are individuals, each has its own abilities, capabilities, desires and goals in life. The doctor will suggest:

  • assessment and analysis of the patient’s physical and functional capabilities;
  • individualized treatment and development of a prevention plan;
  • preventive consultations;
  • therapeutic gymnastics, classes, massage.

Typically, an appointment with a physical therapist in Forest Hills includes interviewing and examining the patient. A comprehensive examination is performed by a specialized doctor who, based on the results of the diagnosis, prescribes physiotherapy treatment.

After studying the medical history and examination, the physiotherapist determines the method, recipe and area of ​​influence, the type of physiotherapy, the number of procedures, and the duration of the course of treatment. The main methods used are physical therapy in Forest Hill, NY with electric currents, electromagnetic fields, mechanical vibrations (ultrasound therapy, vibration therapy), artificial microclimate, inhalations; heat therapy, phototherapy, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy.

The benefits of physical therapy in Forest Hill

A physiotherapist treats without drugs using modern devices, the action of which is based on such natural factors as: sound, light, heat, current, magnetic field, cold. Physiotherapy methods have such advantages over other methods:

  • it is painless, and the risk of side effects is minimal;
  • the use of physiotherapy while taking medications enhances the effect of drugs, which makes it possible to shorten the period of taking medications, thereby reducing the drug load on the body;
  • improves blood supply to organs and stimulates local and general immunity;
  • has a long-term therapeutic effect.

A specific method of treatment is prescribed by a physical therapist in Brooklyn, NY based on indications, contraindications, the presence of additional physiotherapy equipment — inductors, electrodes, special sensors, etc.

Physical therapy in Forest Hill, NY is contraindicated in diseases of the circulatory system, exhaustion, acute psychosis, epilepsy, the presence of a pacemaker, as well as some oncological diseases. The procedures are not performed at high body temperature.

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