Pharmaceutical Packaging Kit Design Consideration

Pharmaceutical packaging kit design- many of us maybe do not even care what it is and how it works. We all take medicines and through their packet to the bin. But have you ever thought about what will happen if this packaging is not done properly? Today, let’s discuss how Pharmaceutical Packaging Kit Design should be considered.

Medicine is something that cannot be washed before eating. We have no option to purify it. So, medicines should be in such a condition that no unwanted things can spoil it. It is not anything silly. It is very important to maintain proper while doing pharmaceutical packaging kit design.

Importance of pharmaceutical packaging

Many large entities are working rigorously in this field and producing quality products. But of course, you have to understand why pharmaceutical packaging is important. Otherwise, you will never feel it important to maintain the quality of these.

It is nothing like customized packaging for lip glosses or other fashion products. It is nothing fancy at all. Rather it is something compulsory. In this section, let us discuss the importance of pharmaceutical packaging.

Importance of pharmaceutical packaging
  • Quality control of the drug
    The first and foremost productivity of pharmaceutical packaging is of course controlling the quality of the product. The medicine enters the body directly. So, proper quality control is a must.
    The packaging is necessary so that the medicine does not get adulterated. To ensure that no unwanted substance gets mixed with the drug.
  • Providing proper information about the medicine
    A very important characteristic of pharmaceutical packaging. Some of the information that it conveys is:
    • Manufacturing date
    • Expiration date
    • Chemical ingredients
    • Usage
    • Cautions
  • Protection against external damage
    The pharmaceutical packaging kit design is nothing fancy or colorful. Rather, it should be prepared in a proper manner so that it can provide proper protection against external damages. An optimum level of rigidity is a must. It should be made of aluminum so that it hols all the properties which help to protect the medicine and keep it away from all sorts of damages.
  • Maintaining proper rules and regulations
    Every country has some rules and regulations associated with pharmaceutical packaging kit design. And you should maintain it hard and fast while producing pharmaceutical kits. One more thing, if you are producing pharmaceutical packaging which will be exported to some foreign countries then you must follow the regulations of that country as well.
  • Light barrier
    Medicines that are affected by light and cannot be kept in light get the protection via their packaging. There are many medicines that should not be kept under direct sunlight. But during transportation, maintaining this is really tough. So, the packaging should come forward. It should provide a layer of protection.
  • Chemical barrier
    Almost every medicine is made of bio-chemicals. And so, they are very sensitive to other chemicals. So, the packaging should be very good. So that it can protect the medicine from acid, base and salts as well.
  • Gas barrier
    Although it is not an everyday scenario. But there are some medicines that are very much sensitive to some specific gaseous chemicals. So, while producing pharmaceutical packaging it is also an important fact.
  • Moisture barrier
    Medicine packets provide moisture protection to medicine. Otherwise, the quality control of drugs would have been impossible.

What are the main consideration while pharmaceutical packaging kit design

At first let us tell you something more about pharmaceutical packaging. There are 2 layers of packaging:

  • Primary packaging.
  • Secondary packaging.

Primary packaging

Primary packaging is the packaging that has direct contact with the medicine. So, medicine is directly exposed to this level of packaging.

The blister must contain all the necessary information. This will allow the patient to identify the drug if the secondary packaging is lost. 

The surface of the blister is made of foil, so you should choose the right color and font of the text in order to achieve optimal contrast and enhance the receptivity of information. 

At the same time, one should not forget about a single design, in which all packages of one drug must be executed. If the box and the blister are significantly different, then there is a danger of confusing different drugs and causing harm to health.

Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging is understood as outer packaging, which is most often made of cardboard and does not come into direct contact with the drug. This box can hold pill blisters, jars, containers of liquid, powder sachets, and so on. The secondary packaging contains a large amount of information. The most significant information is:

  • drug name;
  • release form;
  • the number of tablets, grams, milliliters or other information, depending on the specific medicine;
  • manufacturer’s name.

When applying information, certain rules must be followed. For example, thick and small text, printed in bold, is difficult for a potential buyer. There should be a clear distinction between the drug name and other information, which is expressed in spacing, font size, color scale, and so on. This will allow the patient to quickly find and read the information of interest.

The name of the drug should be given special attention. Currently, there are many medicines with a similar name. The difference may be just one letter. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to highlight the name of the drug clearly against the background of additional information. 

You can also use a convex font, which is achieved using stamping or using braille, which is applied in the process of gluing the packages on a special module. This will improve perception for visually impaired citizens.

Now, as you have got a proper knowledge on pharmaceutical packaging, let’s discuss the rest:

Basic specification of pharmaceutical packaging

Medicines are taken by people with a variety of diseases and physical abilities. It should also be borne in mind that after purchase, the drug can be stored in different conditions. When manufacturing, you need to provide for all possible factors, print the most sensitive font and increase the durability of the packaging.

Of course, perfect packaging is impossible. Despite this, it is important to make it convenient for the bulk of buyers. Serious research has been carried out in this direction. Eventually, the British standard for pharmaceutical packaging emerged. It should be noted that it satisfies the requirements of most consumers.

Color specification of pharmaceutical packaging

In the manufacture of packaging for medicines, the color of the font and additional elements plays an important role. The palette used can improve the perception of information and brand awareness, or vice versa, completely ruin the project. Therefore, you need to choose the right range of colors and not overdo it.

In some cases, the same products can be packaged with a different color palette. This solution is convenient when the drug is different in dosage or form of release. Do not forget about the disadvantages. Some patients suffer from various ophthalmic diseases and cannot distinguish colors.

We hope. now you guys have a clear idea on pharmaceutical packaging. And, you also know what to consider while pharmaceutical packaging kit design.

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