How to Create the Perfect Home Spa Sanctuary

Once considered a luxury, incorporating spa days has now become a huge part of our wellness routine- as we spend hundreds of pounds on beauty products and treatments, and endless hours putting the effort in. At-home pampering is the perfect way to relieve stress, and after a year in lockdown, it’s now more important than ever. Dedicating a space in your home, (whether it be your bathroom, bedroom or even lounge) to create a space of comfort and stress relief is something we could all certainly use.

How to Create the Perfect Home Spa Sanctuary

The simplest products and treatments can leave you feeling a million times more glamorous and guarantee a blissful night’s sleep that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything.  Here at We Buy Any House, we’ve prepared an encompassing guide to help you create the ultimate home spa sanctuary by simply investing in these 7 products- meaning there’s no excuse to not treat yourself to spa-worthy self-care.

A towel warmer

It’s the little things in life that bring us joy. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a warm towel that resembles a bear hug and investing in a towel warmer will do just that. Towel warmers are an essential part in creating the perfect home spa sanctuary, allowing you to experience the luxury of toasty warm towels just after you step out of the bath or shower- instantly transporting you to a spa location.

Luxury bath robe

Once you’re done with the hot towels, treat yourself to that extra bit of comfort and put on a luxury bathrobe – it’s a critical part of every spa experience. Comfortable and practical, a plush oversized robe is exactly what you need in preparing for an afternoon or evening of self-care spa treatments.

Oil diffuser

Paired with essential oils, Revive diffusers are used for aromatherapy purposes. They make your house smell heavenly, and depending on which oil you use, the mist absorbed by your skin can have a soothing and relaxing effect- in addition to reducing bacteria and fungus in the room. Bring the relaxing spa aroma straight to your home spa.

Facial steamer

A critical part of any facial routine. Face steamers present multiple benefits for your skin, as the steam opens your pores and helps loosen any buildup of dirty for a deeper cleanse. Steamers also soften blackheads which makes them easier to remove and dilates your blood vessels to increase circulation- allowing you to get glowing skin from the comfort of your own home!

Massage mat

Perfect to help you unwind in the bathtub and get rid of all the tension knots, bubble massage mats are essential. Easily installed, simply place the mat in your bathtub and watch your bathtub turn into a soothing, tranquil jacuzzi spa at home. Featuring a built-in heater, keep warm functions and adjustable bubble settings, the mat delivers massage bubbles for a stress-free spa experience- in addition to being extra padded for full-body support.

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Automatic shiatsu massager

A type of massage primarily developed in Japan translating to “finger pressure”, Shiatsu massage involved applying pressure to points of the body, moving from point to point in a rhythmic sequence. Instead of making the journey to a spa and repeating costs, investing in an automatic Shiatsu massager allows you to have the same luxury from the comfort of your own home. Simply place the massager around your neck and with the control of a remote, indulge in a massage that lessens stress and protects against stress-related health issues such as anxiety and arthritis.

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Foot spa bath massager

Foot spa bath massagers are essential for those who suffer from achy heels, toes, arches, or people who work on their feet. The art of reflexology, which believes that pressure points along the soles of your feet can improve health in other body parts can be practiced using a foot spa bath massager. Fully motorized and easy to use, simply press the power button to initiate an automatic massage, oxygen bubbles, hydrotherapy and a heating system- all controlled independently to specifically meet your individual needs.

We hope now you guys have a clear idea on how to create the perfect home spa sanctuary. Please let us know if you have any further query.

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