5 Perfect Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

We all have people on our list that can be impossible to shop for. They probably have everything, including the latest and greatest, or they take minimalism to new levels and wouldn’t want any more things. This makes finding the perfect gift for them a daunting task.

Getting a gift for hard-to-shop-for people will require a lot of extra creativity on your part. Luckily, there is an unlimited number of online workshops that could make it easier to buy an outstanding gift even for the most challenging recipient. For great accessories that define style, such as wallets, consider Real Mens Wallets.

If you want to outdo yourself, then you should probably forget the usual humdrum gifts and get them something that they can actually use.

What Gift Ideas Would Be Perfect for Someone Who Has Everything

An Experience Gift

If someone already has enough stuff, they do not need other knick-knacks to clutter their space. Therefore you should think beyond physical items and provide an experience instead. Prepaying for an event or experience is a thoughtful gift that shows you took your time to plan something instead of getting them another bland gift.

An experience gift provides a fun adventure that they would remember for years to come with the possibility of gaining new skills and memories. Experience gifts can include:

  • Tickets to a gallery openings at local museums
  • An airplane flying lesson
  • Theatre or concert tickets
  • Skydiving
  • Wine tasting
  • A massage
  • Whitewater rafting
  • A hot air balloon ride
  • Sporting event tickets

Babysitter Service

Parents with young children need days and nights off more than anyone. Hiring a professional sitter for them or one that you know and trust will give them breathing room and time to worry about themselves for a change.

Some parents are anxious about leaving their children with sitters they haven’t used before, so you might want to consider a little sleuthing to find sitters they’ve used before or offer to babysit yourself. Even if you might not have anything else planned for their day or night out, hiring a sitter for a block of time will allow your loved one to get some me-time.

Cooking Classes

Most people would cook more often at home if they felt more confident in the kitchen. Cooking classes cover a wide range of basic cooking skills on how to cook quickly and efficiently and advanced cooking techniques. Other than being a fun experience for foodies, cooking classes will truly transform your recipient’s life.

A Personalized Gift

A gift with a personal touch can be something significant, especially for someone who already has everything. Ordering something embroidered, engraved or designed explicitly for your recipient shows you put a lot of effort and thought into finding the perfect gift. Moreover, personalized gifts do not have to be expensive or flashy.

Travel Accommodations

Booking flights can be an expensive gift, but you can help out with their travel costs by booking them a few nights’ accommodations. There are several affordable alternatives to hotels, most of which are both authentic and memorable. If your recipient would prefer to choose their accommodations themselves, you could consider buying them gift cards for a major hotel chain.

Winding Up

Getting a gift for someone who has everything is less about finding the perfect gift and more about finding a way to show your love and appreciation. Putting extra consideration into gifts, experiences and services that show you care is more valuable than the most expensive gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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