Here’s How You Can Use Pedestal Fans To Boost Your AC’s Cooling

Pedestal fans, also known as standing fans, are a portable form of electric fans. They are quieter, lighter, and can thus be easily moved around wherever required. Also, besides being portable, they are powerful (in terms of the airflow they can generate) and there’s almost nothing that a ceiling fan can do and a pedestal fan cannot. No wonder they have always been in demand. And, the cooling system is also essential for a healthy life. So as the pedestal fans.

With summer around the corner, this demand for pedestal fans is going to grow even more. And that’s because a lot of people use a pedestal fan alongside their ACs in order to boost their AC’s cooling and to also cut on their energy bills. Let’s see more about the pedestal fan prices.

Benefits of Using a Pedestal Fan with an Air Conditioner

  • They can circulate the AC’s air to all parts of a room

Your AC’s fan has its own limitations. No matter how powerful it is, it cannot circulate air to all parts of a room. That’s when a pedestal fan comes into play. It can circulate the cool air from your AC even to those parts of a room where a ceiling fan cannot. 

  • They help cool a room faster

An AC takes longer to cool a room when there’s no fan running. But with a fan on, and especially a pedestal fan that can circulate air to all parts of a room (with its oscillating feature) the room gets cooled much faster. 

  • They help cut down energy bills

Okay, now that’s one of the best parts of using a pedestal fan with an air conditioner. The power consumption of your AC can reduce drastically if there’s a pedestal fan running alongside. That’s because pedestal fans cool the room faster, and therefore, the thermostat of the air conditioner can be raised by 2 to 4 degrees. 

Here’s an experiment that was conducted using Luminous pedestal fans and here are its findings. 

Scenario 1 – AC was run at 22 degrees (with no fan on) 

Scenario 2 – AC was run at 26 degrees (with the fan running at full speed).

Conclusion – They found out that in both the scenarios the thermal comfort achieved was the same, but the power consumption in scenario 2 was much less than scenario 1. 

Power consumption (Scenario 1) – 1.4 units

Power consumption (Scenario 2) – 1 unit

Other Benefits of using a pedestal fan

In addition to the above mentioned benefits of using a pedestal fan, here are some other benefits.

Easily Portable

Nobody wants to buy a pedestal fan to fix them in a particular spot, right? Pedestal fans are light in weight, and therefore, they can be easily moved around in any part of the home. They can also be installed outdoors, for example your lawn or your terrace.

Beautiful Aesthetics

You would have heard about designer fans, but do you know that even the pedestal fans come in different designs these days. With people becoming more conscious of how fans blend with the interiors of their homes, companies have started introducing a wide range of designer efficient fans 

Swing Feature

This is one of the major benefits of using a pedestal fan. The swing feature allows pedestal fans to circulate air throughout a space. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is this feature of a pedestal fan that can give any other fan type a run for their money. 

Easy on Pocket

Pedestal fans are economical, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about their costs. Pedestal fan prices range from around INR 2400 to INR 3499.  

Don’t have a pedestal fan already?

If you haven’t purchased a pedestal fan yet, chances are that after reading this post and understanding the various benefits of a pedestal fan you would definitely want to buy one. We suggest you take a look at the wide range of pedestal fans that Luminous has to offer. They will not just help you save on your energy bills this summer, but their aesthetically pleasing fans will also give you home a more fresh and refreshing look.

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