Top 10 PCB Manufacturers In Australia

Being a printed circuit board manufacturer is a lot more demanding than it looks. It is a delicate business that requires a great deal of precision, knowledge, and expertise. The PCBA assembly process which includes the process from designing the PCBs to the final step, which includes soldering up all that electronics, can be one long journey if you choose not to use reliable PCB manufacturers.

Due to the nature of PCB production, it makes sense for anyone who engages in PCB manufacturing to seek out high-quality PCB manufacturers in Australia who have been producing printed circuit boards for years. Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world, and it’s not surprising that there are many PCB manufacturers who reside in this country.

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers In Australia

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers In Australia

So there are many PCB manufacturers in Australia. We have done some research on this subject and have determined the 10 best PCB manufacturers in Australia. If you are looking for a reliable PCB maker that PCB prototype, PCB fabrication, and PCB production, then this article will be able to guide you through the process:

Integra Technology Incorporated 

Integra is an industrial PCB manufacturer which prides itself on its wide range of services. They manufacture printed circuit boards for industrial, medical, and commercial purposes. Integra is a member of the IPC and has built up a reputation as one of the best PCB manufacturers in Australia.

Phoenix Electronic Designs Pty Ltd 

Phoenix Electronic Designs has been fully Australian-owned since its establishment back in 1986. This PCB manufacturer printed circuit board assemblies for major companies such as Telstra and Ford Motor Company. Phoenix Electronic Designs is also well known within the academic industry.

As a professional PCB manufacturer, they have provided high-quality electronic components and hardware to universities all over Australia over the years, including the University Of NSW Sydney, Griffith University Gold Coast Campus, Edith Cowan University.

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers In Australia

CMC Electronics 

CMC Electronics is a full-service electronics manufacturing services company. They have a long history of providing local and overseas PCB manufacturers with high-quality PCB boards on time and within budget. This is an ISO 9001:2015 registered PCB maker that has been operating for many years.


4pcb assembly is one of the largest PCB manufacturers of electronics subassemblies, interconnects, and power modules in Australia. This is a subsidiary of the global electronics manufacturer Plexus Corporation. 4pcb assembly manufactures electronics subassemblies, interconnects, and power modules for significant clients such as Motorola, Ericsson, Adidas, etc.

Acme Technology 

Based out of Bayswater, Victoria, Acme Technology provides customers all over Australia with high-quality SMT & wave PCB assembly services. It is an experienced PCB manufacturer. They also manufacture customized printed circuit boards for industrial applications.

Delta Technologies 

This PCB manufacturer in Australia has been manufacturing PCBs since 1979. Their clients include major Australian companies such as Nufarm, Tripod Technology, and the world-famous brand Black & Decker.

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Techniks is one of the largest PCB manufacturers of electronic goods and components in Australia. Founded back in 1990, they can handle orders big or small and pride themselves on their fast turnaround times and high-quality workmanship.

CCS Custom Systems Pty Ltd 

CCS is a leading PCB manufacturer of high-quality PCB boards. As a PCB manufacturer, their clients include major Australian companies such as DePuy Orthopaedics and Cummins.

Rapid Electronics 

Rapid Electronics is a PCB manufacturer that specializes in providing engineering services for electronic products. They have been around since 1995, and their main offering includes PCB assembly services.

Manufacturing 360 

This PCB manufacturer, based out of Dandenong, Victoria, manufactures PCBs for a variety of industries, including medical and robotics. They also specialize in production engineering, which includes product design and PCB prototyping


If you are looking for a PCB manufacturer in Australia, then we hope this article will be helpful for you as We have provided you with a list of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in Australia and they are the same as WOOPCB, which will hopefully help you find your perfect PCB manufacturer.