Most popular payment methods for online casinos in Thailand

As you know, you can play in most online casinos, including Vulcan, in two ways: in a free demo mode “for fun” and in a game for real money. If in the first case the game is played on “candy wrappers” or free chips, then in the second – the player will definitely have to replenish his gaming account with real money. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular payment methods for online and mobile casinos, so if you are a beginner, this material is a must-read.

So, you have chosen a mobile or online casino in which you want to play, have registered in it, and even have chosen a slot, roulette, or card game of interest. What’s next? In order to start the game, you need to fund your game account. The amount will depend on your appetite – the more actively you play and the higher your stakes, the more money you need.

Typically, most casinos running on popular platforms offer a wide variety of different payment methods. This was done for the comfort of the players: everyone can choose the most convenient way for themselves. Some people like to replenish the deposit with a bank card, others use payment systems, and still, others use SMS service. In general, how many people – so many opinions, the poet is not talking about one of the most convenient and universal methods of replenishment.

Popular payment methods for online casinos in Thailand

Most popular payment methods for online casinos in Thailand

Today there are many systems that allow you to quickly and comfortably replenish your gaming account. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.


PromptPay (PromptPay) is an E-Payment system where we can transfer money to a bank account. without specifying the bank account number Which we can use just a mobile phone number or an ID card number to be linked to a bank account. PromptPay arises from the National Electronic Payment System Infrastructure Development Plan. which consists of more than 15 commercial banks and other state-owned specialized banks 4 locations are: 

  • Government Savings Bank,
  • Government Housing Bank,
  • Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives and
  • the Islamic Bank of Thailand 

have signed together to develop this Any ID money transfer system during the year 2016, coming in the concept of transferring money that we can use just a mobile phone number or an ID card number to connect to the account of our own bank So that transferring money, we do not have to ask for a hard-to-remember account number. 


One of the most common methods among Russian players is the WebMoney payment system, which is easy to use and allows for secure transactions. To work with the system, you need to register and create electronic wallets. Money is credited to the gaming account instantly. In addition, the player has several different variations of replenishment using the system at once: depositing cash through the terminal, replenishment card, bank transfer.


You can replenish your account in cash using the terminal, use the Internet service or a mobile application. The system is easy to operate, with an intuitive interface, and does not require specific knowledge. Money is credited almost instantly.


The convenience of this system lies in the fact that it does not use credit cards, but special vouchers (you can choose with the desired denomination). This allows the player to transfer only the voucher number, while no personal data is transferred.


A popular payment system that allows you to replenish your account via the Internet, using payment cards or a mobile phone. Funds are credited instantly.

Other payment methods

There are other less popular methods. Among them, you can highlight the account replenishment via SMS. To do this, you need a mobile. Just do not forget to replenish your phone account in advance, since the money will be debited from it.

The replenishment procedure is approximately the same in every online casino. The player needs to go to his office (or profile), where to find the section “Account funding”. In it, you should choose the method of interest and, guided by the prompts, make the payment.

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