Paying For Alzheimer’s Care: Financial Help, Costs & Care Options

Taking care of somebody who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can be an extremely demanding task, especially because some patients may require 24-hour care. And while in many cases this care will be provided by the closest family or even friends, there are situations in which that is simply not possible. What happens then?

Well, there certainly are professionals you can turn to, but this can be a drain on your resources. To help to pay for Alzheimer’s care, fortunately, there are programs you can use to acquire aid when trying to get your loved ones taken care of.

Care options

The type of care a person with Alzheimer’s needs will usually depend on how advanced the disease is. Generally speaking, though, there are three levels of care that can be provided – custodial, intermediate and skilled.

Custodial care is the type of care that can be provided at home by a family member or a friend, whereas the other two demand skilled professionals. 

When a patient’s condition deteriorates to the point that they need to seek professional help, it is possible to choose between nursing homes, senior living residences or adult daycare centres. And while the first two types of facilities are generally equipped well enough to provide adequate care to people with Alzheimer’s disease, the latter may struggle with the last stages of the disease.


Prices for providing care to patients with Alzheimer’s disease can vary a lot, depending on where you are. For example, home care providers charge anywhere from $16 to $30 per hour.

However, when it’s time to move the patient to a specialized facility, the costs start growing exponentially. The national average in the US is about $5000 per month for a place in assisted living residences, although this too varies a lot from state to state. For example, in D.C., this same service will cost you almost $7900.

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There there’s the matter of medication. It is estimated that this can cost up to $400 each month, which can certainly be a significant drain on one’s resources. So, is there something you can do to make things at least a little bit easier?

Financial help

If you’re in the US and need help covering the costs of taking care of a person with Alzheimer’s, there are many programs you can turn to. Medicaid is one of them, but do note that although this is a federal program, each state approaches it differently. Medicare, on the other hand, does not cover the care provided in nursing homes or similar facilities unless they are medically necessary, and it will cover stays in a psychiatric hospital.

On top of that, each state has its own separate programs designed to help people financially, although very few of them are designed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s. Rather, they will aim to help people who don’t work and require constant care, which are the conditions Alzheimer’s patients definitely meet.

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