Valet parking businesses need specialized software to run more efficiently, save money, and make a profit. One of the most challenging tasks for these businesses is to accept and keep track of payments for their services because it has to be convenient for both the company and the customer. Fortunately, parking payment and management are quicker than ever due to the software readily available to valet parking businesses.

The Gist of Parking Payment Systems

Parking payment systems are designed to be fast and easy, especially for the customer. These days, people are busy and don’t want to be bothered with complicated ways to pay for services such as valet parking.

Gone are the days when most people carried around cash or were able to write checks for services such as these. The parking payment software system makes paying for valet services very efficient and includes perks such as the following:

  • You can customize your system to make the most of the software. In addition, these software programs can accommodate any unique feature of your business, since they have been developed by experts in your particular field.
  • The decals control access, alert security personnel when necessary, track all vehicles at all times, and provide towing services when needed. The software works with the decals and stickers to monitor and manage your vehicles so that nothing important is missed.
  • Parking permit software that allows for automated SMS or pushes notifications so you can let customers know when their permits are about to expire or if you want to manage extended-stay or group parking. You can customize the permits to be good for a certain length of time and personalize other features to get exactly what you want out of them.
  • Security for your parking lot. Many of these companies use HD cameras for the parking lot, which record footage every time motion is detected. In addition, security can be alerted if banned vehicles ever enter the premises. Even better, the attendants can access and monitor data while working on the premises.
  • Software for parking kiosks. Many valet parking companies are implementing self-serve parking kiosks within their businesses, which offer ticket in/credit card out and credit card in/credit card out (TICO/CICO) functions, as well as smart meters and the appropriate mobile app to bring all of these services together. The kiosks usually come with high-tech payment processing features integrated with accounting and banking software for efficient revenue management.
  • Business intelligent solutions. Using data from meters, kiosks, and guest registration systems, these solutions include scheduling and rate planning modules, smart sensors, and more, which can all be integrated with GPS to help make them more efficient and easier to operate.
  • Software for parking enforcement. This software is especially advantageous because it usually means fewer live attendants being hired. The attendants who are there use applications to issue virtual and paper tickets by using handheld printers and other methods such as documentation of the vehicles via photos, communication with law enforcement when needed, automated fee calculations, and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), among others.

AI Technology and Parking Payment Systems

Software for parking payment and management is often AI-based and in the cloud. Let’s face it, technology is everywhere, but when it comes to valet customers paying for their parking services, the most-efficient way is always digital.

It can be frustrating for customers and employees if your valet parking business is not automated or digital. Often called smart parking, it provides you with the tools you need to allow customers to pay for the services very quickly.

Because it is practically maintenance-free, versatile, able to meet the needs of any company, and highly cost-effective, it provides very advanced technology that results in better customer satisfaction.

This provides greater security since the customer can pay through various means without showing their credit card information and other personal information to a lot of people.

The technology assists both small- and large-sized facilities, even if you have yet to install one iota of technology so far. Many of the payment systems operate the same way across different facilities, so if you have several locations of valet parking or even corporate parking lots, you can use one software system to operate every single one of them. Most companies that devise and sell these systems will personalize your system so that it is uniquely yours in every way.

You can manage parking payment systems via kiosks, tablets, smartphones, and laptops, which means you get numerous ways to provide your customers with an easy way to pay. Each method has its pros and cons, but the companies that sell the systems will help you figure out which one is right for you.

Your customers have to pay for your valet services, but that doesn’t mean the process has to be difficult for them. With the right system, both the facility’s employees and their customers can handle the transaction quickly and easily without worrying about their sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.


Valet parking services need simple, fast ways to receive payments from customers, and the companies that sell parking management software know just what you need to make sure this happens.

Many of the perks of this software include a customized solution for each facility’s needs and even ways customers can pay via their smartphone without even downloading an app.

Text messages can be sent to customers and all they do is reply to it to pay their bill. Furthermore, each facility can change its rate structure and discount amounts anytime they like, increasing the likelihood that customer satisfaction will substantially increase.


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