Parenting Tips for Becoming A Terrific Mom

One of the most underrated, challenging and overwhelming job one can take is being a parent, especially a mother. You might have taken many challenges in life which can be either physical, emotional or mental but when you take up the job of being a mother you simultaneously tick all boxes at once. This little one is totally dependent on you for the first 5 years or so of his/her life and that can be a very daunting task to make sure that the child gets everything perfectly. Starting from the very first hour after delivering the baby, moms start to fret about every little thing, from devouring breastfeeding cookies to boost their milk supply to waking all night just to ensure that the child is covered. Mom’s life is tough to say the least!

A mother is everything a baby needs, a friend, a caregiver, a nurturer, a nurse, a confidant, a teacher and even a playmate, in short, the most important person in the life of a child. The amazing part is that a mother fills in all these roles with ease and without feeling pressured. But things go bad when a mother craves for perfection and bashes herself for not being good enough. If her supply of milk is low, she scrambles to increase milk supply, if someone offers help, she rejects with the fear that one might not be good enough or if the child demands something, she makes sure that the demand is met. All this makes motherhood more of an ordeal than a nurturing experience.

When you first become a parent, friends and family members come together to give you all kinds of advice and tips from their own past experiences, which can confuse or complicate the understanding of the mother. Just do what you feel is the best way to proceed forward, as a mother knows what’s good in the interest of the child. Every mother has their own parenting style, so don’t compare yourself with others and do what you think is the best way for bringing up a child who is emotionally, physically and mentally strong. Here are some tips that will help you become a terrific mother!

1: Live in the Present

Worry is the middle name of every mom, right? A mother is always fussing, agonizing or fretting over some insignificant thing that’s not even happened yet, thus ruining her present moment. So, stop worrying about the to-do-list; laundry, cooking, pumping or grocery etc, that you made last night and try to live in the moment. Cherish these precious moments together with your child as these are the ones, you’ll remember over the years with a grin plastered on your face.

2: Love Yourself

A happy person is a great company to be around and an unhappy or miserable person just makes the whole vibe of the room very depressing. One of the best ways a mother can love her child is by loving herself, confused let me explain. We as mothers feel guilty when we think about our happiness and our pleasure. We have learned to put ourselves at the end and focus on attending the needs of everyone around us. Well, if mothers take out time for themselves, she will become a happy and contented person from inside which will reflect on her children as well.

3: Accept Help from Others

In the initial months of the mommy phase very mother is so overwhelmed by the new born baby and the new routine that doing daily chores like cooking, washing, cleaning looks like monumental tasks. In those times, if your close relatives like sisters, mothers, aunts or friends offer you help, say YES! Having someone other than your partner around in the starting days will make you feel less pressurized and more relaxed. Trust me you’ll need someone who can help you in pumping, getting you breastfeeding cookies when you feel the need to increase milk supply, cradling, sleeping or even bathing.

4: Stick to a Bedtime Regime

Sticking to a bedtime routine is so essential for the baby as well as the mother. A child needs sleep and he will get it whenever he gets too tired but a mother cannot do that. If the child is awake, there’s no way a mother can take a peaceful nap. So, it’s absolutely essential that both sleep at the same time. A mother needs to be recharged and feel reinvigorated after a nap so that she is ready to take on the next day with equal zest.

5: Be Ready to Be A Mom for Lifelong

Being a mother is a lifelong commitment and responsibility. The baby that you just brought in the world will always look up to you in time of need. There is no getting away from it. If someone tells you that only the first few years are difficult, they’re wrong. Every phase of the child’s life brings a new and more convoluted set of challenges for the parents so be ready for each one. One a mother is always a mother!

6: Spend Quality Time with your Child

Parents of this day and age are busier than ever, juggling between work life and home life all the time. Parents try their level best to provide every facility to their children and make sure they get whatever makes them happy. Amidst all this what we forget is that a child needs the attention and love of his parents, first and foremost. So parents and especially mothers should work on a routine that includes spending quality time with their loved ones and make it their priority. 

7: Do What Works Best with You

Everyone has a friend that tells you to go by the book and you are left wondering that how’s that even possible, right? Well, don’t feel pressurized if your friend or friends pretend to have a perfectly balanced life and tell you to go by the book. Do what works best for you, your child and for your family. If you think that a certain point is not in accordance with the book yet you feel confident, do it!


Mothers are a natural safe haven for every child, make sure you don’t take away that special place from your child by dwelling too much into perfection. When a woman becomes a mother all the motherly instincts kick in and she knows what her baby needs, so trust yourself and with the help of these basic tips make sure your journey is smooth.

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