Kitchen cabinets cover up a significant portion of most kitchens, making it the center stage and attraction gainer in most households. While these resourceful cabinets provide ample space to help you store kitchen essentials, they also contribute significantly to boosting the kitchen’s overall aesthetics. The market is currently full of kitchen cabinet options that come in varied shapes, designs, materials, and finishes. So whether you’re looking for bold red kitchen cabinets or an elegant white cabinet, you can easily get them for your kitchen. 

If you’re someone who is finding it difficult to make the right cabinet choice, we have some good news for you. We have identified a kitchen cabinet that is most likely to help you with your cabinet search. Of all the different cabinets available in the market, painted kitchen cabinets always manage to stand out. They are beautifully designed, available in a range of colors, and can be custom-made to your precise requirements. But if you’re an absolute newbie in the kitchen cabinet world, it is advised that you exercise caution while investing in a cabinet. This article covers everything that you or any other homemaker needs to know regarding kitchen cabinets. Read till the very end to not miss out on the important points.

Are Painted Kitchen Cabinets Worth Your Investment?

Before you start looking for painted kitchen cabinets, you should be aware of the positive and negative points of having one in your kitchen. Another important aspect worth knowing is the durability, cost, and maintenance of the kitchen cabinet you’re buying. Once you’re well informed on all these aspects, you can never go wrong with your kitchen cabinet purchase. 

Pros of Painted Kitchen Cabinets

  • Greater Aesthetics: Whether you choose black and white kitchen cabinets or cabinets of some other paint color, the primary advantage of having it in your kitchen is the enhanced aesthetics. Painted kitchen cabinetry is one of the few elements that offer a seamless, crisp, and clean aesthetic. Painted cabinets are known to bring the best finish to the table and are ideal for homeowners who aren’t a fan of stained wood cabinets or the likes. 

Installing painted kitchen cabinets of contrasting colors is going to change the overall look of your kitchen, giving it a mesmerizing renovated look. After installing painted kitchen cabinets of your favorite colors, the final result is sure to bring a beautiful smile to your face and make you proud of your choice.

  • Beautifully Colorful: For someone who spends most of the time in the kitchen, covering the place with calming and beautiful colors is a must. One of the primary reasons to choose painted cabinets over others is that paint sticks seamlessly well to the wood surface and doesn’t get overlooked because of the mix of grains and knots, the way stained cabinet does. As an outcome, paint gives you extra flexibility to choose the color of your choice and customize the kitchen’s appearance the way you want. You can go ahead with the subtle black and white kitchen cabinets or choose something vibrant and bold like the red kitchen cabinets.
  • Paint Sticks Better to Medium-Density Fiberboard: Most budget-friendly cabinets are made of Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF). The painted kitchen cabinets made of MDF are aesthetic, sturdy, and affordable. If you’re looking for a nice kitchen cabinet with a sleek, clean, and elegant look, go ahead with painted cabinets. To give your kitchen a vibrant and cheery look, install red kitchen cabinets made of MDF. The best part of buying these cabinets online is that you can place an order for custom-made cabinets that meet all your requirements. 
  • Durability, Maintenance, & Cost: Painted kitchen cabinets made of quality wood can last for approximately 10 years. If maintained well, they can last more. The best part of having painted cabinets is the flexibility to repaint them with a new color. It will allow you to experiment and change your kitchen’s aesthetics at frequent intervals without having to spend a lot of money. While the painted kitchen cabinets are available in a range of prices, they are mostly expensive when compared to stained cabinets. But the features you get with painted cabinets make the investment worth it.   

Cons of Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Though the painted cabinets are an absolute favorite of many, they do have certain setbacks. Buying black and white kitchen cabinets or any other painted kitchen cabinet can be expensive for some. But if you go ahead with MDF painted cabinets, you may find one within your budget. Besides pricing, another drawback of these cabinets is their difficulty level while touching up. If you’re not a professional, you may end up disrupting the finish of your kitchen cabinets while trying to give a touch-up. But you can avoid this issue by assigning the work to a reliable professional in your network. 

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If you want colors to be the main highlight of your kitchen, you should not think twice before choosing painted cabinets. But if you want handles or other characters to take the limelight, you can go ahead with stained cabinets. 

Should you Buy Painted Kitchen Cabinets?

Anyone looking for quality cabinets with beautiful and clean aesthetics should go ahead with painted kitchen cabinets. If maintained well, they will last long for years to come and will also give you the flexibility to repaint the cabinets at a later stage for a little renovated look. You don’t need fancy and expensive cleaning products to keep your cabinets well-maintained and clean for long, so you can rest assured of the cabinet’s longevity and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, from red kitchen cabinets to green colored cabinets- you can find a cabinet painted with any color of your choice. With so many options and features available, you should not think twice before choosing painted cabinets over others for your kitchen.

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