Pacman 30th Anniversary Cheats

Pacman 30th Anniversary Cheats [Know the hidden codes]

Pac-Man, one of the earliest games, is popular because of Pac-Man. After the Pacman 30th anniversary, Google updated its emblem to the Google “G” and upped its game. Most gamers can’t fool it because Google updated the game icon.

Thus, I identified and used some Pacman cheat codes for your next Pacman game. We utilized Z+X, Z+C, and Z+G cheat codes. Modifications include javascript code. These scripts need an Executor like Krnl.

I’ve included a complete cheat code guide below. Enjoy your game with the article’s wealth of information.

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Pacman 30th Anniversary Cheats

The Pac-Man game hacks let you skip levels quickly. You may have a far more engaging gaming experience using these tricks and cheats. These cheat codes are useless unless you have an executor like Krnl or Synapse to run them. 


Krnl offers a nice user interface but sometimes crashes, which may be annoying. You may use several different Pacman game hacks. Check out the options below to choose the one that will help you the most in the game.


1. Enter: Start game / Pause

2. Arrow Keys: Move around

3. M: Toggle sound (mute)


1. Z + X: Next Level

2. Z + C: Commit Suicide

3. Z + G: Toggle God Mode

Pac-Man Cheat Codes

Here are some tips on humorously playing this game using the following cheat codes. 

Pac-Man Infinite Lives Cheats

The game’s method may be used to unlock endless lives for Pac-Man. To begin, devour two ghosts on board 1 and three on board 2. Similarly, consume 4 specters while sailing 4. You must push up, down, up, and die after eating all the ghosts. 

Infinite tips will be available to you in this manner. Most gamers agree this is the finest Pac-Man cheat code ever given out since it allows you to play the game forever.


Pac-Man Glitch

You can exploit bugs in Pac-Man on any platform. You must go inside the escape tunnel and go up and down it as quickly as possible. If you take down as your last action, Pac-Man will disappear. 

Your Pac-Man may go up and down, but not to the left or right. Incredibly, this is one of the best cheats for Pac-Man. However, you can do it if you want to.

Pac-Man Explores Walls

This secret code works for the Atari 2600. You can shift your Pac-Man to the side walls using this secret code. Quickly while within the wrap tunnel, use the up and down arrow keys. Ensure your last action was downward before calling time on this trick. 

By doing so, your Pac-Man will resurface and become wall-climbing enabled. But you can’t make Pac-Man go left and right using this code.

Speed Hack for Pac-Man

Enter this code after putting in money to make Pac-Man go faster in Galaga. Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Fire. When you use this code, Pac-Man and the game will significantly speed up.

Using the Pac-Man Cheat Codes Executer: How Do I?

It’s simple to figure out how to play a Pac-Man game, and the codes are easy to discover. The “IDE” executor may also be downloaded and used to run Pacman hacks and cheats. When you choose “download,” a file will begin downloading to the bottom left of your screen. 

Modify the game by opening the downloaded file after installation. Selecting “inject/execute” will run the script. You’ll have access to Roblox’s premium features as soon as you’ve completed these steps.

1. Select “Download” from the menu.

2. Wait 30 seconds to get the free Roblox Script Code.

3. Repeat the dialogue

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4. Launch Roblox.

5. Start your script

6. Use the Google Pacman free cheats.

How Does Pacman Hack Code Work?

Cheat codes are similar to hack codes. You may join in to throw off your opponent and swing the game in your favor. The game may be sped faster, the level can be altered to your liking, and more options can be unlocked. You may “cheat” by using special codes.

The whole server will not be compromised. The truth is that you can only cheat your game’s control panel using these methods. When you input a cheat code or attempt to hack a game, the game will make a noise, letting you know whether you were successful.

Using a Pacman Hack

There has been a lot of excitement in Google’s Pacman remakes since the game’s 30th anniversary. Due to the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google has renamed some of the variables in this game. 

As a result, most cheat codes are useless, and the user must resort to hacking the game to get the desired results. It has been determined that HyperCarder is the most effective Google Pacman hack. Entering these codes into your browser’s address bar will activate the corresponding features.

You can earn more points by entering javascript in the address bar. var = [99999,0];void(0);

You can use this cheat code to move to your chosen game level. To advance from level 255 to level 254, use the following code:1. javascript: B = 255;Sb(true);void(0);

The 256th level is the most difficult, and most participants wish to complete it. Before this hack code, it was nearly impossible to break, but the following code makes it simple. However, it would help if you replaced “<” with the “>” “less than” symbol.

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javascript: = “”; B = 256; Da = 80; Ea = 0; for (a = 280; a <= 472; a += 8) for (p = 0; p <= 136; p += 8) { if (ub() < 0.03) { Da = Math.floor(ub() * 25) * 10; Ea = Math.floor(ub() * 2) * 10 } Yb(a, p, 8, 8, true) }void(0);

When Was Pacman’s 30th Anniversary?

Pacman’s 30th birthday was May 22, 2010. The Google Doodle team made the Pacman Doodle on that exact day.

How Many Levels Does PacMan 30th Anniversary Have?

The 30th anniversary Pac-Man game has 256 levels.

Pacman 30th Anniversary World Record

Google Pac-Man’s 30th-anniversary edition had a maximum score of 173,340. However, the Google Pac-Man World Record is the Pacman arcade game’s greatest score ever. Billy Mitchell broke the record on July 3, 1999, scoring 3,333,360 points.

Does Pacman have an End?

Yes, at level 256, an 8-bit level register overflows, filling almost half the screen with random symbols and making the game unwinnable. This is one of the most famous unintentional endings in gaming history. 

This means that it is possible to beat Pac-Man by eating every pellet and swallowing every ghost in all 255 levels in record time (3 hours, 33 minutes, and 1.4 seconds, set by David Race). This was first accomplished by the legendary Billy Mitchell in 1999.

Difference Between Pacman and Ms. Pacman

Video games like Pacman and Mrs. Pacman are popular pastimes. Both are labyrinth arcade games with puzzle elements. In 1982, a general computer company created Mrs. Pac-Man; by the year’s middle, it had been released to the public.

In 1980, Namco released the arcade game Pac-Man for everyone to enjoy. Both games may be played on desktop computers, portable computers, and consoles.

The similarities between Mrs. Pacman and Pacman are that both are arcade games. Both are popular among players all around the globe.

Toru Witan and Steve Golson are responsible for Mrs. Pacman’s and Pacman’s designs, respectively. To make both games more enjoyable, Mrs. Pacman was published after Pacman.

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The maze-like arcade game Pacman was originally called Puck Man and then modified to Pacman. The game’s object is to consume the dot within the labyrinth while avoiding the ghosts that come in various color variations.

Toshiokai is the game’s composer. Single-player and multiplayer versions of the game are available.

Like Pac-Man, the arcade game Mrs. Pac-Man supports cooperative and competitive play from up to four players. Chris Rode composed the music for the game. Midway is responsible for publishing the game.

The players aim to get their character to the end of the game by consuming all of the pellets inside the play area. It first appeared in 1982.

Comparison ParametersPacmanMrs Pacman
MapsThere is only one map.There are four distinct maps.
DifficultyIt is a bit difficult.The game requires expertise to play.
Fruit numbersThere are eight distinct fruit kinds in this game.There are seven distinct fruit kinds in this game.
DevelopersThe creator is Namco.Midway and General Computer Corporation are the creators.
Ghost nameThe fourth ghost is called Clyde.Sue is the fourth ghost.

Is Ms. Pac man Harder than Pacman?

The answer is Yes. As a sequel to Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man was created due to too many obsessive gamers causing the machine to reset by reaching the last level.

The game starts tougher than Pac-Man and gets more difficult as you progress. Though the ghosts stay the same, the spirits are faster and more aware of their surroundings, and you get to see a whole new set of fun cutscenes with Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.

Is Ms. Pacman Faster than Pacman?

Obviously, The Pac-Booster option allows players to greatly enhance Ms. Pac-Man’s speed in the original arcade game, which was tucked away in the game’s maintenance menu.

A second player may take control of Pac-Man in some game versions, allowing for cooperative play for up to four players.


You may breeze through Pacman by using the readily available cheat codes. Because the game becomes harder as you go, most individuals don’t figure out how to advance.

We have used shortcuts and methods to get around this issue. Downloading Krnl, the script executor, will allow you to put these javascript scripts to use.

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