Packaging Solutions for Complex Products and Their Display Needs

Are you running a beauty or a cosmetic company? If yes, you must definitely be facing problems regarding the choice of your packaging solutions. Especially packaging in conformity to your product’s size, style, nature might seem like an arduous task. That is because the packaging of beauty and cosmetic products requires more precision and understanding of the product’s actual essence. Many packaging companies fail to take all of the aforesaid elements into consideration and manufacture beauty and cosmetic packaging boxes just as they manufacture simple apparel cardboard or corrugated boxes.

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The creative team of a packaging company, therefore, plays a central role in determining if the company is worth investing in or not. Among a plethora of packaging companies out there willing to cater to your packaging needs, The Legacy Printing seems to be one of the most reasonable and satisfactory choices. We say that by monitoring the functioning of its creative team and hence the production of its end product.

The creative team at the firm does not think of the design and style of its product in isolation of its previous packaging problems. A specific part of the team is solely associated with researching the previous packaging solutions of the particular product in question. This research leads towards the creative and production and printing teams to have a better idea of the exact problems they are supposed to cater to.

For example, custom designing and styling of Lash boxes in the cosmetic industry was faced with a number of problems. Initially, packaging companies could not make the boxes exactly the lashes’ size due to their small size and fragile nature. Packaging companies also had problems printing the text on the lash boxes due to their small size. The text often turned out to be blurry. The company researching all of these problems paid much heed to even the tiny details.

Lash boxes, custom styles and designs made by the printing firm are therefore impeccable and in compliance with the nature of the product, i.e., the lashes. The boxes are neither too big nor too small. They fit perfectly with the size of the lashes. To solve the issue of their fragile nature and, therefore, complete protection of the lashes, the company could come up with the idea of box inserts that kept the lashes in place whilst protecting them from any outside disturbance. Additionally, customers demand to see the actual product, if it is a beauty or a cosmetic product, before buying it. The company’s creative team solved this problem by adding windows in the custom lash boxes to view the actual product that they will be buying.

Additionally, another problem that was mentioned before regarding the printing of text on the lash boxes is also catered to by the US-based packing company. Hence, the lash boxes custom prints are fashioned so that the text does not get blurred. The high-quality printers of the company ensure this. The customers are completely able to understand what is written on the box. This serves to be a trustworthy factor for the customers to buy the product. It gives off an idea that the company is actually concerned with providing the customer with full information regarding what the product is composed of and other information of that sort.


In the status quo, where the markets are filled with a flow of new products, a number of factors play an important role in highlighting your product in a sea of products. One of these factors includes charming and visually appealing packaging boxes.

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When walking into a retail store, most of the time the customer shall be compelled to pick up your product and eventually buy your product if it has a remarkable product Display box. Different teams at the company work together for the provision of the best yet rather creative Product Display boxes. Some of the most famous Product Display boxes at the supplier are as follows:

Easel Display stands:  If your product is rather small, like gum or a chocolate or a lip balm, etc., but you need to make it stand out through its packaging, the easel Display stand is the best option to go with. The box is adorned with beautiful printing, which can put forth the branding and marketing message of the product along with displaying the product. Various custom designs, i.e., the addition of a die-cut window inside the box, make it more appealing and reveal more of the product.

Display boxes are not merely meant to provide visually appealing packaging to your product, whereas their main purpose is to disseminate your marketing and branding messages. Therefore, there is also the option of Easel Counter displays in the stock. The counter displays are able to market your product and its services apart from its packaging. The graphic designer and the printing team carefully designed these easel displays to achieve the desired purpose.

Counter Display Boxes: Counter display boxes are also able to display products that are a bit bigger in size than the products mentioned above. Therefore, these boxes have an in-depth space within to hold the product in addition to the display lid on the back of these boxes. These boxes hold a huge quantity of the product, are recyclable, and help market your product, i.e., Auto Bottom with Display Lid,1-2-3 Bottom Display lid Boxes, Pop Counter Display trays.


Apart from the exceptional creative, production, and printing teams that work together to provide the best possible end results to the clients, there are a number of factors that make the bespoke packaging supplier a preferable choice for accomplishing your packaging and printing needs. The aforementioned company provides its services all across the US. Therefore, no matter where you are residing in the US, the Anaheim-based company is there to provide you with any of the packaging or printing services that you might require.

The company’s customer service team is also what distinguishes it from all the other packaging and printing companies. The flow of info between the client and all other teams i.e., the creative team, the production team, the box manufacture team, is very important if a company wants to provide remarkable packaging solutions. The customer service team of the company, therefore, retains a perfect flow of information. This results in a complete understanding of what the client actually desires in addition to what their product is and hence, a satisfying end product. Sometimes, clients might also feel confused regarding what they actually want and what a perfect packaging solution for their product might look like. In such an instance, the creative team is readily available to assist the clients, which is free of cost.

Before the manufacture of the packaging boxes in bulk, a prototype of the packaging box is created in order for the client to review. The clients can review this prototype and ask for revision however many times they deem necessary until they can reach the desired results. These revisions are also free of cost.

If you are looking for the best packaging and printing solutions for your product, opt for Legacy Printing. This will be the best choice in terms of its services, whereas its cost.

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