10 stylish tips to try in 2021-2022

Going to a music festival, especially to places like Coachella, means you have to look your best and appropriate to the atmosphere. As you have to walk around the ground and dance to your favourite tunes, the dress you wear must cooperate with you.

But you can’t possibly want to wear a simple t-shirt and track pants to the music festival, right? You’d want to look cute and trendy and at the same time feel comfortable.

Then what’s the best outfit for a music festival in which you can roam around under the hot sun without burning your skin and causing blisters on your heels. Well, we have the below trendy and comfy outfit ideas for you.

Cargo pants paired with a cute crop top

If wearing jeans is not your forte, then the next best alternative is cargo pants. These pants can give an edgy twist to your feminine figure. And when paired with floral or plain crop tops, you can nail the trendy and stylish look which appears super cute while roaming around in a music festival.

It’s also one of the killer ways to style cargo pants if you’re a person who prefers long and loose bottoms.

Accessories: You may be tempted to wear heels to appear tall; however, opt for chunky sneakers to go with the cargo pants and also to feel comfortable during the music festival.

Denim shorts with a stylish knit top

Nothing could go wrong with jeans. You can wear it anytime and anywhere by styling it with an appropriate top. However, in music festivals, you may feel sweaty and wearing jeans could increase the precipitation. But with denim shorts, you can feel absolutely breezy.

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Walking in shorts is not only comfortable but looks stylish and appropriate at the music festival. To pair with it, choose a simple sleeveless knit top and tuck the extra part into the shorts. And that’s it, you are ready to rock the festival with this simple but cute outfit.

Accessories: Elevate the look by choosing leather boots and a long handbag to store the essentials. For the added cuteness, you can tie the jacket to your waist.

Quirky jumpsuit with hat and sandals

Always wearing a two-piece can be boring and monotonous. And dresses are a bit too formal to wear at a music festival. When you search for more options, you’d be looking at jumpsuits or rompers.

Though going to the restroom is a tad bit difficult in jumpsuits, they make excellent outfits to roam around without worrying anything about the outfit you wore. While selecting a jumpsuit, go for quirky colours or patterns so that it fits into the atmosphere. You can also wear one with sarcastic statements or anything related to the music.

Accessories: A hat and flat sandals look spectacular and complement any jumpsuit you wear. The hat you wear can also help you from long exposure to sun rays.

Sexy tops with parallel pants and boots

Perhaps you’re in the mood to go bold by wearing that little number in your wardrobe. Then music festivals are one of the perfect occasions to wear it.

Whether you have a chain-link top or see-through tank tops – you can pair any sexy top with loose parallel pants. Complete the look by wearing boots and you’re good to go. If you want to give off a tough-girl look, wear a mesh top styled with cargo pants.

It’s a splendid combination as you can look sexy and feel comfortable throughout the entire music festival.

Accessories: Wear a layered necklace and bracelet that matches your top. And complete your entire look with short or long boots.

A trendy two-piece set with sandals

A two-piece set need not be always a bikini. It can simply be like a jumpsuit with a cut in the middle separating the top and bottoms. You can show off your waist and sleeves and at the same time be comfortable with the outfit. It’s one of the great festival ideas in terms of outfits that you must try when you go to a music festival.

To feel comfortable, wear sandals and an off-shoulder bag and dance to the tunes of your favourite music.

A short dress with a leather jacket and boots

If you’re in the mood to wear only a dress for the concert, then be sure to twist the style a bit. Wear a leather jacket to give a stylish yet tough look. And complete the look by wearing long boots in contrast to the dress you wore.

For instance, if you wear a yellow dress, choose a brown or black jacket and black boots. The contrast will remove the formal look of a dress and it will add the right aura needed for the music festival.

Accessories: Opt for minimal jewellery and a simple handbag as you don’t want to overwhelm the look by adding extravagant accessories.

The Essentials You Must Carry During a Music Festival

When attending a music festival, enjoyment and happiness should be your main priority. And your outfit should encourage you to do it. However, you must be careful as you can easily get exhausted by walking long distances under the hot sun. You have to follow certain safety precautions and some tips for the best music festival experience. Some of them are:

  • Always wear a bandana or a hat if you’re attending a festival on a bright sunny day
  • Protect your eyes by wearing cool glasses and also look stylish
  • Always prefer sneakers or flat sandals to feel comfortable throughout the day
  • Carry sunscreen and lip balm to protect your skin and lips from the hot sun
  • It’s not preferable to keep your hair loose as you feel sweaty easily. Either braid it or tie it up in a stylish bun
  • Prefer to wear cross-body bags as a handbag can fall off while you’re enjoying the concert
  • Don’t go overboard with make-up. Light makeup and a simple highlighting to your eyes is enough to click those cute pictures at the concert
  • Carry emergency medicines like aspirin, etc., and a small first aid kit in case if you feel ill or there’s an injury.

And that’s it, just like that you’re good to go to your awaiting music festival. Slay your way by wearing one of the above outfits and enjoy to your maximum by dancing to your favourite songs.