According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most typical virus carried by mosquitoes in the continental United States is the West Nile virus. People can become ill in the United States with uncommon mosquito-borne viruses such as Eastern equine encephalitis and St. Louis encephalitis. The majority of dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika cases from 2004 to 2018 were discovered in US territories.

Female mosquitoes have the power to obtain blood from their prey. In response to a bite, they pierce the skin with two tubes, one injecting an enzyme that prevents blood clotting and the other that draws blood into their bodies. Blood is a source of protein for the eggs, not for their own survival. These flying pests breed and eat in standing or stagnant water near your home or property.

You can keep your house mosquito-free with the right amount of knowledge and tools. To know more about them, keep reading. 

Pest control Gilbert AZ firms can help you with your problem, but before that, let us first discuss ways to keep mosquitoes away from your house. 

Installing barriers to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house is the most common way of maintaining a mosquito-free house. You can use install mesh screens on windows and doors. Using screens can also prevent flies and other small insects from entering your house. 

Screens are highly effective as long as they are properly installed. If you already have them at home, make sure that they are intact. If tears are there, make sure to patch them up. 

Keep doors and windows closed. If you won’t, then what is the mesh screen for, right? 

Next and the most known is throwing away stagnant water. Mosquitoes thrive on water. They lay their eggs there. Look around your house. Is there any stagnant water? Open containers, empty bottles that had collected rainwater, pots, exterior wheels, and even gutters can stock water in them. 

Always check for stagnant waters because, in just four days, water-borne mosquito eggs can develop into nymphs. It is fast, so regularly checking and throwing is vital. 

Neat yards can also eradicate mosquitoes effectively. Make it a habit to always trim your plants. Let the sun dry wet spots in the yard. Mosquitoes look for cold areas during summer. Letting the sun in will help warm up your yard and shoo mosquitoes away. 

Although it is not energy and cost-efficient, using fans inside and even outside your house can help maintain a mosquito-free house. The continuous wind makes it challenging for mosquitoes to fly, and it also helps spread the carbon dioxide our breathing produces, which is advantageous because mosquitoes use carbon dioxide as a marker to locate humans while they are searching for prey.

Fogging machines and insect swatters can also help. You can purchase these machines online and in different markets near you. 

Before consulting a pest control expert, use an indoor fogger as a last resort if your mosquito problem seems to have gone out of hand. With an electric tennis racket-style mosquito zapper, you can inject a little bit of fun into your mosquito extinction process. 

In case you have citronella candles sitting on your coffee table, you can use them to keep mosquitoes away. Set citronella candles a few feet along the deck railing or in the center of outdoor dining tables for another fantastic small-space solution. Citronella, which is made from lemongrass oil, repels mosquitoes; thus, when the candles are lighted, they will probably avoid the area.

If, after doing all this stuff, mosquitoes still thrive around your house, you might need to hire professionals to do the job. You can choose from various pest control Gilbert Arizona citizens prefer. Quality can be ensured because they are tested. 


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