10 Best Old School Hip Hop T-Shirts

The world of hip hop has been continuously evolving throughout the years. It has been almost 5 decades since the rap inception. But, along with its changes, there is one thing that has never changed inside the hip hop culture– it is the amount of support hip hop fans have given to the style and music. But time has changed. Now, hip hop fans also search for the best old school hip hop t-shirts.

Fashion is one of the long-standing pillars of hip hop culture. As the great MC Lyte said, one has to be funky-fresh. We have to dress to impress and we should always be ready to party. His words lived long in the hip hop culture. Several artists have emerged and gained the popularity they deserve.

With their fame, they gave their fans the option to have their merchandise at tour stops, online stores, or in-store autograph signings. Since then, it has been a norm to see casual and die-hard fans wear the clothes that represent their favorite group or rapper.

Old  school hip hop t-shirt

Top 10 old school hip hop t-shirts

Here are the top 10 best old school hip hop t-shirts that most fans spend their hard-earned cash on.

Fresh Fest Shirt

The Fresh Festival in 1984 accommodated the biggest rappers in the early 1980s, it included Run-MDC and Curtis Blow. The festival was an iconic show in the New York hip hop scene. It will forever be remembered in this shirt.

Salt-N-Pepa Shirt  

A combination of sassy and lyrical music is what people remember with their premier rap act. Salt-N-Pepa shirt holds an iconic image of the trio.

Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw Shirt

The death of Nipsey Hussle is one of the biggest losses of hip hop culture. Not only the fans of Nipsey were swayed by his death, but it also affected hip hop culture. His love for Crenshaw will live in the heart of every rapper and fans.

Def Jam Recordings

Def Jam is an iconic record label of all-time. They are known to represent excellence in the art they make through rap music. Their merch shirt is definitely a must cop for any rap fan. 

NWA Boyz in the Hood Tour

NWA left a legacy with their absolute gangster image. Several rappers have this shirt to commemorate NWA’s 1989 tour. 

A$AP Rocky Live. Love. A$AP

To date, A$AP Rocky is known to be one of the most fashionable hip hop icons. Kick your style with his merch. This shirt is part of his debut project that helped launch his rapping career.

The Up in Smoke Tour

Copping this shirt makes you fly. It’s an iconic moment for the hip hop society to attend the Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Dr. Dre concert– and that shirt makes them remember the dopest scenes.

Can’t Ban the Snowman

Jeezy symbolized the snowman to something drug-related which made it banned. If you have this shirt, it is a true rap throwback. 

Odd Future Red Oval Dual Logo

The Odd Future shirt is the most popular item of their merchandise. It was a DIY approach to their image, music, and brand. They have proven that they were ahead of the curve with their merchandise.

Hard Knock Life Tour

Most avid hip hop fans have the Hard Knock Life Tour to appease their nostalgia. The hip hop shirt reminds them of the time when Jay-Z, DMX, Redman, and Method Man were at the height of their rap career.

How to Care for these Old School Hip Hop T-Shirts?

If these clothes cost a hefty amount before– then, how much are these old school hip hop t-shirts priced today? 

These vintage hip hop shirts are an investment for most rap fans. If you have these types of shirts, I bet you want to keep them looking new.  So, how will you care for these old school hip hop t-shirts?

Inspect, Pre-treat, and Reinspect Stains and Rips

Stains are inevitable and they are the sole enemy of every hip hop fashion enthusiast. You do not want to ruin your vintage clothes over a stain, right? You better inspect your hip hop clothes for stains. If you see one, quickly remove it as possible. 

Pre-treating stains make it easier to come off during the laundry. Laundry the clothes to efficiently remove the stains and air dry later. Reinspect your hip hop clothes to check whether there are still unnoticeable stains left on the shirt.

If your old school hip hop shirts are from a thrift store, inspect if there are small holes that need repair. Not treating small holes before washing the clothes might rip it. 

Read Fabric Care Instructions

Even laundry experts read the fabric care label instructions of the vintage clothes that they are about to launder. Always follow the fabric care instructions to avoid beating your favorite hip hop shirt. You might be washing a hip hop cloth that has a “dry clean” label. 

Sort Laundry by Color and Soil Level

We are always advised to sort clothes by color. However, do you sort them by soil level? Whenever you place your dirty clothes in the laundry bag, sort them by color and soil level. You have to separate the fabrics that are muddy from those that are lightly soiled.

Be Careful with Detergent and Fabric Conditioners

Ensure that you are using an efficient laundry detergent. Some are harmful to delicate shirts. Do not directly place the detergent on the shirt. Place the laundry on the machine first and add water, after which add the soap. Again, make sure to read the fabric care instructions to make sure you are using the right detergent. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you collect your own old school hip hop t-shirts, or you like to purchase from the thrift store, taking care of them takes effort. They are delicate and sentimental, make sure to follow the steps to maintain its freshness.

If you do not trust yourself to do the process and you haven’t mastered the settings of your washing machine– you can trust laundry services. Look for a laundry service that takes extra care of your shirts. 

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