Monitor All The Social Media Butterflies by OgyMogy Spy App

From where did we get the concept of OgyMogy spy app? It all started from the viral video of the team leader that spread like the fire of jungle in the Official WhatsApp groups. Turned out she was a new driver and in an attempt to parallel park, she spent almost half an hour in parking.

Some employees from the window recorded everything on his phone and sent it to every official and unofficial group chat. She was very upset and mad about the whole situation the next day and attempts to track the employee who started all this fiasco started.

Well, am sure incidents like this are common every day, everywhere. But  I know our management took that way too seriously as the use of social media apps and instant media messaging app will now be monitored during office timings. Yes, that’s harsh but I agree with the fact that these social media apps can sometimes be a huge distraction during working hours.

OgyMogy Spy App

I was given the task to find out the most efficient and simplest way through which social media platforms and instant messaging chat apps can be monitored in working hours on the official gadgets of the employees. Well, the use of the android spy app is most efficient and one of the simplest tools these days.

Features of OgyMogy Spy App

Spy apps like OgyMogy offer wonderful features that can help employers keep an eye on the digital activities of social media butterflies during working hours. Not only just social media monitoring features, but other features offered by the it can also be used as an extraordinary help for employers, managers, or the boss. Different features with complete descriptions are as follows.

Skype Spy App                                

Skype app is mostly used at the corporate level for various purposes for example for interviews, sending important chat messages to the group, and many more. It offers a skype spy app that lets the user have remote access to any skype activity of the target person.

WhatsApp Spy App

Whatsapp is one of the most renowned and commonly used instant messaging app in the whole world. One can send an individual message, group message, media files in any format and can also make audio or video calls through the Whats app.OgyMogy lets the user know about every sent and received message media or call of the target employees with the WhatsApp spy app.

Line Spy App

The line is used as an instant message chat app by a variety of people who are not fond of other messaging chat apps. With the OgyMogy Line spy app, you can check every major and minor line app activity detail of the employees with ease.

OgyMogy Spy App Features

Tinder Spy App

Planning to apply no dating policy in the office ?. Well, we can help you with that. Monitor the tinder activities of the employees through the official gadgets and track any employees who are not following the rules and office protocols. Keep an eye on the tinder activities remotely through the official gadgets.

Instagram Spy App

In case you have any Instagram-obsessed employee who is always busy taking selfies and uploading photos on Instagram, then use the Instagram spy app of the OgyMogy. It let the user know about all the activities of the target employees with complete timestamp information. Now you can know if the team members are busy at work or wasting precious time in useless activities.

FaceBook Screen Recorder

Keep an eye on the Facebook activities of the employees during working hours with the Facebook spy app of the OgyMogy.It is a useful feature as it gives a real-time monitoring report of all the activities to the target employee.

Gmail Spy App

Gmail is mostly used as a professional tool in the corporate sector for correspondence. It gives remote access to all the sent and received emails from the target employee. You can even check attachment details to know about the shared media files as well.

Check out Mac and Windows spy app version along with the android spy features to monitor the employee’s activities. These features can help the employees to focus on work and eliminate all kinds of distractions. It has a user-friendly interface and the bundle features are in the form of a set. So select your desired bundle, install it by following simple and easy steps, and start monitoring.

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