A Beginner’s Guide to Nursing Bra

Breastfeeding can be tiring, especially for new mothers, and the corporate world expects many nursing mothers to jump back to work after maternity leave. New mothers often find themselves juggling several tasks while pumping breast milk and, at the same time, dealing with leaks and sore nipples, among other concerns.

Given this, using a nursing bra rather than a regular bra can be a good idea. Many moms appreciate the easy access a nursing bra affords them. But are they necessary? If yes, which ones are the best on the market? For all the answers and more, continue reading.

What Is a Nursing Bra?

A nursing bra is an undergarment to make breastfeeding easier for women. Supportive nursing bras come with cups, flaps, or panels that make the nipple easily accessible and save the woman the stress of bearing out the entire breast in public spaces.

What Is a Nursing Bra
Nursing Bra

Nursing mothers with smaller breasts may feel fine even without a bra. But mothers with heavy breasts may need supportive nursing bras to guarantee ultimate comfort. Some nursing bras give room for adjustments in anticipation of all the changes often presented during the breastfeeding phase, and this flexibility makes them suitable, especially for a new mom.

Types of Nursing Bras

Nursing bras come in different types based on the unique needs of breastfeeding mothers. Some bra types include:

  • Sleep bras: A sleep bra is comfortable to lie in. It gives you fewer worries when you fall asleep together with your little one while cuddling them to sleep.
  • Underwire bra: Underwire nursing bras can be a good option if you have little stops in between work to feed your baby. Underwire styles have clips that make cups easy to open.
  • Sports bras: Several sports bras exist on the market, which might spoil you for choice. The main difference is in the material used for manufacturing. Depending on skin compatibility, you can opt for spandex or nylon.
  • Tanktop bras: Tanktop bras are sneaky. According to location consultant Jan Burger, many people are less likely to notice the nursing tops.
  • Soft cup nursing bras: Soft cups allow you to lower cups from the hook close to the shoulder strap.
Types of Nursing Bras
Nursing Bra

Things To Look Out for When Buying a Nursing Bra

Getting the best nursing bra on the market requires you to be critical with selection. Here are some factors to consider when buying a nursing bra.


Medical doctors advise new mothers to breastfeed at least eight to 12 times a day. Unless you have an inclusive working environment, this means forcing time within short unofficial stops for breastfeeding, which breeds discomfort. Breast milk is the only natural food source for children, especially in their early days.

Therefore, having a good nursing bra can give you all the support you need, ensuring you don’t compromise your baby’s health while keeping up with work schedules. Soft cup styles with the no-roll band can guarantee a great time breastfeeding your child.


Many nursing bras have flaps that fasten closer to your bra’s shoulder straps at the top. Some other options open and close between cups. Nursing bras can give you the room to use one hand without having to put your baby down, regardless of the closure options you choose.



If you’re a fan of matching outfits, color can feature on your list for selecting nursing bras. Many bras come in white and other dull shades of cream or ash. However, you can opt for extremely bright colors like pink. Often, many new moms treat the white color as the go-to in selecting bras. If you must stick to colorful options, ensure the color blends in with your entire outfit.

We hope this guide will be useful as you search for the right nursing bra for your needs!

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