New Cryptocurrencies

New Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to transform rapidly and unexpectedly. What may seem like an insignificant and commonplace coin one day can suddenly skyrocket in value due to certain underlying factors.

For instance, it could be launched by a popular cryptocurrency exchange, thereby increasing its value overnight. Alternatively, it could be created as the official currency for a highly anticipated online game with a large pre-order base, which naturally attracts investors to the company responsible for it.

These factors, among others, can turn an ordinary cryptocurrency into a highly sought-after and valuable asset, highlighting the unpredictable and rapidly evolving nature of the cryptocurrency market. Learn more:

The point being made here is that if you want to make money with crypto, you must keep an eye on the new coins and tokens being released daily. And that’s precisely what we’re going to help you with: below, you’ll find our picks for some of the best recently released cryptos you need to keep an eye on today!

DeFi Coin: Staking Your Coins to Get Ahead

Many coins (like BTC) saw their values crash in 2022 due to the global recession, another example of crypto’s famous volatility. There’s one coin, however, that shot up in value by more than 500%, and that’s the staking crypto, DeFi Coin DEFC.

Launched by the exchange platform DeFi Swap, DEFC is a coin that incentivizes long-term investment. That means to get the highest rates of return from staking your cash, your coins should be locked in for 360 days. How high do the rates get? They vary from a decent 30% APY to a whopping 75% APY!

With that said, however, there’s a transaction fee of 10% on every DeFI Coin sale, which makes this slightly unsuitable for day traders. Instead, if you’re looking for something to HODL for the short term, you’ve just found the best candidate. Keeping your eyes glued to sites like the Yuan pay group can help you with updated info. 

Tikka Token: The Wealth Management Guru

Launched by the crypto wealth management platform Cube Wealth, Tikka Token (TIKKA) is aimed almost exclusively at investors and users in the subcontinent of India.

The reason people are so hopeful about this is that TIKKA isn’t just another crypto token: it’s a token that allows you access to Cube Wealth’s wealth management platform, and as a platform that already manages significantly north of $23 million in assets, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

One positive aspect of the TIKKA token is that, despite its potential as a valuable tool for managing and storing wealth, it is not expected to be widely popular upon its initial release.

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This presents an opportunity for early investors to acquire tokens at a relatively low cost. In other words, by investing in TIKKA tokens early on, investors can take advantage of the token’s potential for growth and increase their potential returns in the future. 

Calvaria: Competing for NFT Prizes

Created to raise awareness about crypto in the masses, Calvaria has players compete in PvP games to get NFT cards as prizes. Winning means making strategies and spending time studying your opponents. You can sell the NFT prizes you get for fiat currencies or crypto (or hold onto them if you think they’ll appreciate in value sometime soon).

The thing about Calvaria is that it isn’t a token on its own: it’s a blockchain-based card collectible game that awards NFTs as prizes and uses the $RIA token to generate an income passively.

You can purchase and subsequently stake your $RIA tokens for a decent bit of passive income or also buy the eRIA, which allows you to purchase in-game items.

EstateX: Investing in Real Estate Through Crypto

If you are looking for a way to diversify your investment portfolio beyond just relying on the popularity of traditional cryptocurrencies, EstateX may be the solution. EstateX is a cryptocurrency that is based on a novel idea of investing in real estate through crypto.

To get started, users can purchase the ESX coin, with a minimum investment of around 100 Euros. EstateX then leverages its proprietary blockchain technology to generate fractional ownership of real estate assets, enabling investors to benefit from any profits earned from those investments.

This results in a passive income stream for the investors, creating an alternative means of investing in real estate that is accessible through cryptocurrency. 

The best part is that ESX owners get to choose which properties their money is being invested in, so you won’t get your wagon hitched to a dead weight that isn’t making you money.

The developers are also looking to expand this coin’s functionality to serve as a payment method, so right now things are looking bright for this coin.

The Takeaway

These are just some of the recent good cryptos for investing. Plenty of other coins out there could make you some money if you’re looking to invest, so feel free to get started with something new. It’s important that you do your own research and decide which is best for your portfolio.

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