New 1oz Silver Coin Launched

Later this year, we will get to see the newest edition of the American silver eagle. This is an iconic coin that has been in circulation for over three decades. Now, it is getting a new redesign. That way, this classic stays as fresh as ever.

35th Anniversary Edition of the American Silver Eagle

It is hard to believe it has already been 35 years since this coin got its first design. In the intervening years, it has gone through numerous updates. During that same time, it also became the world’s most popular silver coin.

New Design Will Release Later This Year:

As of now, the current stock still features the previous design. Once the US mint releases its latest iteration, you can purchase a coin with the new look. Up until that point, silver coins are still available for purchase.

Stocks of Current Design Are Still Available:

If you would like to go ahead and invest, then you can purchase 2021 American Silver Eagle BU coins. These hold the same value as the newest generation. However, they sport a timeless look that will not leave you feeling disappointed.

Order in a Variety of Sizes

Suppose you are an institutional investor. If that is the case, then purchasing coins one by one is not the most efficient method. For you to invest efficiently, it would be best to use the bulk purchase options that are available.

Single Coin With Protective Flap:

These would be ideal for the individual investor who is looking to diversify their portfolio to a degree. In other words, if you are on a limited budget, a single coin will be more than affordable.

Tubes of 20 Coins:

Now, if you would like to make a more serious investment, then buying 20 coins at a time would be the better option. That way, you can receive a minor discount on your overall purchase. Thus, you’ll maximize your returns. To put it differently, you’ll walk away with an even larger boost to your net worth.

Boxes of 500 Coins:

Let’s assume you have a large quantity of money to invest. If so, then you can purchase up to 500 coins at a single time. Then, you’ll receive them in the mail. When they arrive, they will be inside a specially designed box. You can use it to store them in your home without exposing them to dangerous elements. Ultimately, it prevents them from corroding.

2021 American Silver Eagle

The newest design is a beauty. If you are someone who appreciates the aesthetics of great art, you’ll love the heraldic eagle. It has been around for years. Now, you have the chance to own a special copy of your own.

1794 Heraldic Eagle Design:

Since the nation was less than 30 years old, the heraldic eagle has been a popular icon. It represents the ideals of the nation. When you see it, it is nearly impossible not to feel inspired. People have fought to protect the liberty it symbolizes. What would be a better image to decorate an investment with?

1 Troy Ounce of Silver:

As of the moment, silver has been having a historic boom. Never before has the price increased as much in as little time. Suppose you believe that silver is going to continue going up. Then, there has never been a better time to get involved.

Why You Should Consider One of the New American Silver Eagle Coins

Silver has a history that numbers into the millennia. Since the dawn of human civilization, it has been among the most coveted elements around. Throughout history, from society to society, it has been used as a medium of exchange. With such a track record, it is hard to argue against its value as a long term investment.

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