Netchex Review – Is It Worth the Hype?

What is the most dreadful task that an HR employee fears of doing every month? It is the painstakingly monotonous task of assigning salaries to the employees of the organization. It involves going through each worker’s profile separately in order to calculate his/her payout, being aware of the company’s policies and benefits administration strategies and also checking the variable working hours.

In the modern era filled with technological advancements, what can we use in order to make this task easier for the HR departments? The answer is simple – a payroll software. There are many payroll software companies who have taken it upon themselves to deliver a top-quality software solution to all the problems of Human Resources departments. It is a tool that can automate all their tasks regarding the assignment of salaries while maintaining the working status of each employee in real-time.

Among the dozens of payroll software programs in the market, however, Netchex manages to stand out as one that offers the largest variety of functionalities.

Introduction to Netchex

Netchex is a cloud/web-based payroll software. It provides the HR departments of various businesses of all sizes the ability to manage the employment status of all the employees. Whether it is assignment of salaries, managing hiring procedures or even firing people, Netchex offers the power to do everything from a single place!

The company started in 2003 and has since been supplying different organizations with their top-quality products. Their tools are updated with the most modern technology and help boost the administrative services of businesses. Even after 18 years since establishment, the wide range of features that Netchex provides to their customers makes it one of the best payroll softwares of 2021. This is reflected by the fact that their software is used in many restaurants, showrooms, schools, banks and even hospitals.

How Netchex Works?

Like all the good payroll software solutions, Netchex provides its users freedom of controlling all three aspects of an employee management system.

1.   Recruitment/Hiring and Discharging:

Netchex makes the hiring procedure so much easier by allowing you to keep track of all the applicants. You can find and evaluate qualified applicants, send offer letters, shortlist CVs and resumes while also performing background checks on the candidates. Moreover, it also provides an onboarding facility platform to speed up the whole process.

With its dashboard, you can keep track of who is working for the company, and if the need be, also fire employees from the same portal.

2.   Performance Management:

With help of Netchex, you can see an overview of the complete performance of each employee. This involves keeping a check on their working hours and also maintaining their attendance. With the provision of built-in customizable web-based clocks, timesheet entries, biometric devices, ethernet badges and many other collection options, the task of keeping performance check is made much easier.

The performance management feature is helped by Netchex’s amazing reports building tools. These consist of the ability to create customized reports that are tailored to your specific personalizations. Analytics can also be performed with the help of custom-made fields, templates and export options.

3.   Salaries Management:

The main focus of Netchex is obviously the payroll management. Many options for payment are provided to suit the employees. Tax compliance is also automatically filed with the incorporation of direct depositing. Moreover, the users can keep checking for administrative benefits as well by performing an examination of the performance reports. Even keeping up with the Affordable Care Act requirements is possible with Netchex, allowing the employees to comply with their health insurance.

What makes Netchex Stand Out?

On the surface level, Netchex does everything that a payroll software is intended to do. However, there are some unique features that help Netchex make its mark among the plethora of payroll software companies. Their self-service portal shifts a huge chunk of workload from the HR managers to the employees themselves because they can keep track of their own personal profiles in real-time.

The most crowning achievement of Netchex as a service is its astonishing customer support program. All the staff members of the company go above and beyond in order to deliver a specifically tailored service that is personalized to each client’s desires. This client-based profiling system makes sure that the users of Netchex are satisfied with their product on every level.

All these features make Netchex the best choice as online payroll software in 2021.

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