Need Extra Money for Christmas? Here’s Some Practical Tips

The Christmas and New Year period is almost upon us once again. For many Australians, young or old, it’s one of the most anticipated times of the year. Family get-togethers, gift-giving, feasting, kicking back with your favourite beverages or going on a long-awaited holiday are all the norm for the festive season.

Of course, the Christmas period is also a time of the year that costs money, no matter what you plan to do to celebrate. With this in mind, let’s look at some practical ways you can come up with enough money to cover expenses so you can fully enjoy it with family and friends.

You Could Take Out a Holiday Loan

If you’ve been planning a much-needed getaway during the Christmas break, or you simply need to boost your cash reserves to see you through the holiday period, then Holiday Loans might provide a quick and simple solution. When it comes to Holiday Loans, Australia provides numerous options through a variety of lenders, whether it be a bank, building society or a private lender.

Depending on your needs, you can generally borrow anywhere from a couple thousand dollars up to $50K for a Personal Loan to put towards holiday expenses. More good news is that you can apply for Holiday Loans online with most lenders. This means total convenience and if you apply for a loan with a private lender, you’ll receive a quick decision on your loan application.

Sell Your Unused Items

During the year, you’ve likely accumulated extra stuff in your household, much of which either no longer gets used or members of the household have lost interest in. Well, in the lead up to Christmas, it’s a great time of year to plan a weekend garage sale or post some items on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree to offload those unwanted items and make some extra money for the festive season.

Depending on what you have and the value of the items, you could make yourself an extra few hundred dollars or perhaps even a few thousand dollars that you can put towards your Christmas and New Year’s expenses.

Take On Some Casual Work

If the goal is simply to make some extra cash for Christmas, maybe you could take on some casual work after hours or over the break? It doesn’t really matter what the work is as it’s only going to be temporary. It could be a gig working in hospitality or a Christmas casual in a retail store. Even things like dog sitting and babysitting can bring in some much-needed cash. Any extra money you can make is always going to come in handy and you can quit the gig if you want once Christmas time arrives.

Find a Credit Card That Offers Rewards

If you don’t already have one, you might consider applying for a credit card that offers both rewards points on your purchases and an interest-free period, so you have the option to repay any accrued debt in a specified period of time without paying extra in interest charges.While some credit cards have very high-interest rates and ongoing fees, if you do your research, you may find one that offers a good deal. Keep the credit limit low and have a plan to repay the outstanding balance ASAP and it can be a viable option to cover the costs associated with celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

Getting the most out of a credit card is to use it wisely and find the very best deal. Cut Back On Unnecessary ExpenditureJust about everyone spends money unnecessarily. This is fine, but if you’re struggling to find some extra cash for the festive season, then now would be a good time to monitor your spending and cut back in some areas. This way, you can save that extra disposable cash so it’s there for you to use at Christmas time.The easiest way to discover where you can cut back is to make a list of what you spend your money on each day and trim off anything you consider unnecessary.

In Conclusion

The festive season is not a period where you want to be strapped for cash but there are always ways to find the extra money you need to fully enjoy this special time of the year.

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