Must-Have T-Shirts For Men's Wardrobe

Must-Have T-Shirts For Men’s Wardrobe

Over the years, men’s fashion and attire have climbed to enjoy the same place and popularity as women’s fashion. Traditionally, men’s clothes have not garnered a particular place or discussion in everyday life, especially when it comes to casual wear.

One of the most overlooked garments is the t-shirt, more so the men’s t-shirt. The humble and ordinary t-shirt is often taken for granted when dressing up or simply keeping up with fashion trends.

The origins of t-shirts began as a utilitarian requirement in the late 19th century, when the labourers cut off their jumpsuits to keep themselves cool in warmer weather.

The first formally invented and designed t-shirt was manufactured between 1898 and 1913, with the U.S. Navy issuing it as standard undershirts.

Since then, the plain Joe t-shirt has travelled a long distance to become an intrinsic part of the wardrobes of males of all ages and sizes.

In the internet and online shopping age, the previously limited choices in t-shirt styles, brands, and colours have grown into a full-fledged industry, enjoying a place of pride in wardrobes and social circles.

You can now buy T-shirts online from the best international brands offering multiple colours, designs and styles.

With so many choices and various brands vying for your attention, it can become difficult to decide how many and what colour and style of t-shirts to buy.

Stocking up your wardrobe with an excessive number of t-shirts can strain storage space and your pocket. Add to this the rapidly changing trends and the short shelf life of t-shirts due to their fine and soft knit fabrics, which make stocking them a futile exercise.

Keeping this in mind, we suggest a prudent and practical approach to buying T-shirts online, keeping you on top of your game and in line with fashion diktats and trends. Begin by buying the following must-have t-shirts that will hold you in good stead for all occasions and moods.

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Classic White T-Shirt

Underestimating the power of the white t-shirt would be a mistake. Imagine a cowboy in a white tee with denim and boots. Powerful image! Apart from the classy look, it holds sway by itself.

The white t-shirt can easily be teamed with varied combinations of trousers and accessories, like a black waistcoat with black jeans, or wear it with a pair of khaki chinos. Pick from the many top brands like Tommy Hilfiger, U.S. Polo, and more.

Black is beautiful

Black is often the chosen colour, signifying mystery and elegance. A black t-shirt, whether plain or with motifs or stripes at the polo-necked collar and sleeve opening, looks smart when worn with a complimenting pair of lowers.

A polo-necked t-shirt goes well with jeans and a pair of casual trousers. You can also add a black tee with the brand name emblazoned on the front, with brand names like U.S. Polo Assn., Hilfiger, etc.

If you prefer an understated look, a subtly shaded t-shirt in black and dull olive or grey will look chic with a pair of black or grey trousers.

Henley T-shirt

A distinctively styled shirt that is an elegant mix of the basic t-shirt and polo shirt with buttons and no collars adds a touch of class to your casually relaxed look.

You can buy the t-shirt online in both half and full sleeves, which can be utilized all year round. Wear it as is in the summer and add a smart cardigan or jacket in the cooler weather; it looks great with a sports jacket or blazer.

Printed t-shirt

Printed t-shirts have always been a rage among youth, with a witty phrase expressing your mood or a political statement you believe in. The choice of colour and font depends on preference, whether you want a subtle or loud look.

A t-shirt in a printed fabric is the look for you on your day off, holidays, or lounging around the house. Pick from a wide range of jungle, animal, and small prints.

Classy stripes

On the other hand, the classy stripes signify sincerity and staidness and are more suited for office or semi-formal events. One of the most classic looks is black, navy, or red stripes.

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Make sure to own one each in half-sleeve and full-sleeve styles. Stripes look great with trousers, chinos, and a pair of well-fitting jeans.

Add the above styles to your wardrobe, and you will never go wrong with your dressing style nor be considered out-of-style with the evergreen t-shirts.