Music Tourism: A New Rise In Trend

The global craze regarding music festivals, live music performances, and music history is expanding by the day. Music tourism, which was unknown to most music enthusiasts even a few years ago, has quickly become a massive phenomenon. The rising popularity of music-centric travel has made the travel industry invent strategies to create new experiences for such music tourists.

What Is music tourism?

If you are not familiar with the phrase ‘music tourism’ but have traveled far and wide to attend concerts of Coldplay, Justin Bieber, or Ed Sheeran, you have already revealed in music tourism. To put it in simpler terms, music tourism happens when you take a trip to a different city, state, or country to enjoy a live music performance or attend a several-day long music festival. 

The trend of music tourism originated in Europe. However, it is a global sensation, with countries in Asia and America experiencing increasing footfalls in music events. 

music tourism
Music Tourism

Why do music festivals draw a huge number of tourists?

The one special thing about music festivals is that they can happen at any place, at any time, and still attract a good crowd. Today’s music events are more versatile than ever, and they often occur in villages, small towns, city centers, beaches, riversides, tunnels, and even hillsides. Although we know for sure why one ought to attend a music performance, let’s look at some reasons why they pull people from all around the globe.    

The rise of globalization

We live in a well-connected world where the travel industry has seen a massive boom in recent years due to the emergence of affordable airlines, cheap flight tickets, and an ever-expanding flight network. Since traveling on a limited budget has become a reality, a wider population has been able to tour around the globe, many times for purposes like sports tourism, food tourism, and dark tourism.

Music tourism has been present since the time people moved to another place to enjoy a music event. But the era of globalization has made it possible for people to easily visit places like London and go to Abbey Road where one can find the Beatles’ zebra crossing, or enjoy the Rhythm & Rock Festival in South West England. What makes such English music events more exciting is that some happen in Static caravans for sale Cornwall

The festivalization of music events

In the past, music performances were quite distant from the spirit of festivals, especially if we look at how music was performed a couple of centuries ago. In the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, music carnivals were related to religious beliefs. Music festivals graduated into cultural festivals as late as in the 20th century when the amalgamation between cultures was at its peak, and people developed interests in versatile music genres.

Push from the global economy

The upsurge of international and national music events, carnivals, and concerts has been a critical driving factor for the tourism industry. A large portion of the customers who propel music tourism are millennials who have been endowed with high living standards and an increasing per capita income, thanks to a booming global economy. 

Moreover, the monetary interests have pushed the travel industry to make it even easier for the audience to reach the events. For example, Netherland’s Arnhem attracts a lot of German tourists for its music events. This has made travel companies offer transport services to and from all German provinces. 

The desire among music goers to mingle with a diverse crowd

Fans prefer experiencing live music to listening to records because they can see their favourite artists up close and because it allows them to meet, interact, and even dance with like-minded people. People often feel belonging in such music festivals where everything looks friendly, enjoyable, and culturally inclusive.

The Desire Among Music Goers To Mingle With A Diverse Crowd

The opportunity to reinvent oneself

It is needless to say that electrifying music concerts are excellent means to get rid of the boredom and anxiety of our regular lives. The positive energy and happy feeling in a music festival affect all the attendees in a contagious way. You can take a break from your regular official appearance and take any avatar while attending the events. Dress as you like, carry some placards, bubble guns, and rediscover the child in you while you witness the performances.

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Some of the most popular music tourism spots around the world


Due to the legacy of Mozart, Vienna has been a centre of music concerts for ages. At present, Donauinselfest is the world’s biggest music festival held on the bank of the Danube River. The festival is open-air and free for all. The event is held in the summer.


Famous as the ‘people’s party,’ the musical event is the largest and most affordable in the USA. The festival incorporates upwards of 800 acts in 11 days. It is held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between June and July.

Summerfest music tourism


Woodstock in Poland is the preferred music festival for people who like folk, metal, pop, or rock. The festival is free for all and attracts huge crowds every year. The event takes place in Kostrzyn nad Odra in August. 


Music enthusiasts who look for an exotic touch in music festivals look no further than Morocco’s Mawazine Festival. With the appearance of performers like Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart, and Tinariwen, the event draws more than 2.5 million crowds annually. The festival happens in Rabat, Morocco, in May. 

Rock in Rio

The festival is South America’s biggest and perhaps the world’s most glamorous music event. It flaunts a star-studded celebrity line-up each year and draws an annual audience of close to 700,000. Also, the prime location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is another contributing factor.

rock in rio

Final words

Festivals and travel are the two finest escapes for human beings. Music tourism brings these two together, where you can witness your favourite artists and have fun with thousands of crazy music fans.  

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