Mushroom Chocolate Bar: Recipe, Benefits, & Side Effects

In your lifetime you may have tasted many different kinds of chocolate bars of different flavors but have you ever come across a chocolate bar called Mushroom Chocolate Bar? Well, it may look like a regular chocolate bar but it contains some significant ingredients that an ordinary chocolate bar doesn’t contain.

Unlike a usual chocolate bar, this chocolate bar can make your night out or a party night more fun and delusional.  This is an adult-only chocolate bar and there are a lot of things that you must know about it before you go and try it out yourself.

The benefits, uses, and recipes of mushroom chocolate bar is very exceptional so I’m sure that you’ll be pretty mesmerized to know all about this magical chocolate bar.

What Is A Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

This bewitching chocolate bar is made of magic mushrooms also known as shrooms which contain a hallucinogenic ingredient called Psilocybin. It’s a drug that people take to get high and hallucinate imaginary things. It’s an alternative to magic mushrooms and is easier to carry than shrooms.

That’s why people prefer these chocolate bars to magic mushrooms. Another reason why people love mushroom chocolate bars more is that they can take a quick bite of it whenever they need it.

Taste also plays a big role in people favoring these chocolate bars over shrooms. There are two ways of intaking magic mushrooms, you can either eat it directly or you can brew it as tea.

What Is A Mushroom Chocolate Bar
What Is A Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

But either way, magic mushrooms taste like dirt which is not very pleasing to the taste buds. On the other hand, chocolate bars made out of shrooms taste sweet and they are capable of taking you to an imaginary world within a few moments.

In short, these magic chocolate bars are the same as other ordinary chocolate bars but the main ingredient of these chocolate bars is the magic mushrooms which are mushrooms with psychoactive compounds that can make you hallucinate.

Why Turning Mushrooms Into A Chocolate Bar?

You may be wondering why eating magic mushrooms as a bar of chocolate. Why can’t we eat as it is? Well, you can eat the magic mushrooms as it is but you’ll get some extra benefits from it when you turn the mushrooms into a chocolate bar.

  1. The real taste of magic mushrooms, which is very dirt-like, will fade away when you’ll turn them into chocolate bars.
  2. You’ll get the benefits of cacao when you consume the magic mushrooms as a chocolate bar. Cacao has many subsidiary benefits like mood enhancement, lots of antioxidants, and other valuable nutrients.
  3. Ccao has the ability to enhance the psychedelic experience because of its mild levels of monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
  4. Turning the magic mushrooms into chocolate will help to preserve psilocybin in magic mushrooms for a long time which is a difficult task in general.
  5. Cacao boosts the production of serotonin in our body making us more energetic for the whole day. Eating a magic mushroom as it is won’t boost our energy. That’s why it’s preferable to eat them as chocolate bars.

Mushroom Chocolate Recipes

1. Hot Chocolate With Mushroom

Hot chocolate can make our mood delightful at any time, but it becomes more prominent when you put psilocybin mushrooms in it. After a hectic day, relax and enjoy your time with a white mushroom hot chocolate.

  • What You’ll Need:
  1. Milk ( any kind of milk that you like)
  2. Mushroom Chocolate Bar Slices
  3. A White Chocolate Bar
  4. Pure Vanilla Extract
  5. Salt
  6. Add marshmallows, chocolate chips, or sprinkles for more sweet taste
  •  How To Make:

Take a medium-sized saucepan, and pour mushroom chocolate, white chocolate, milk, vanilla extract, and salt into it. You can also add extra sugar if you want to but it’ll be sweet enough without sugar.

Stir them nonstop on medium-low heat. Take it off the stove after the chocolate has melted and the mixture has become a smooth liquid. Keep it aside until it gets to room temperature. You can also add some dried-up shrooms to it for more psychoactive effects.

2. Mushroom Chocolate Bar

If you have the needed ingredients for making mushroom chocolate bars, then you can make it at home all by yourself and according to your taste.

  •  What You’ll Need:
  1. Chocolate Chips
  2. Dried Psilocybin Mushrooms
  3. Crushed Hazelnuts
  4. Crushed Buttery Toffee
  5. . Shredded Coconut
  6. Salt
  7.  Unrefined Cacao
  •  How To Make:

First, take the dried-up magic mushrooms and grind them properly using a coffee grinder. Then, take the chocolate chips and put them in a bowl. Double-boil the chocolate chips for them to melt. You can either melt the chocolate chips in the microwave or put the bowl into a saucepan filled with water and stir the chocolate slowly until it melts fully.

After the chocolate chips are fully melted, keep them at room temperature to chill, and then add crushed hazelnuts, crushed buttery toffees, salt, shredded coconut, and cacao to it. Mix all of them thoroughly and then add the magic mushroom powder to it and stir slowly. Make sure the mixture is not clumpy, a clumpy mixture won’t give you the best result.

Pour the mixture into plastic molds and put the molds in the refrigerator. Let it cool down until the mixture gets hardened.

3. Mushroom Hot Chocolate With Nutella

The name of the drink is enough to make your mouth watery. A defined chocolaty, Nutella-filled sweet hot chocolate is sure to make anyone dance with joy. This drink is very easy to make but very pleasant to drink.

  • What You’ll Need:
  1. Chocolate Bars With Psilocybin Mushrooms
  2. Coconut Milk For Better Taste
  3. Nutella
  4. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  5. Sugar (you can use monk fruits or erythritol for a healthy drink)
  6. Marshmallows For Boosting The Taste
  7. Crushed Hazelnuts
  • How To Make:

Warm the milk in a saucepan on medium-high heat and then mix cocoa powder, melted mushroom chocolate, sugar, and Nutella together in a bowl. Pour the mixture into the warm milk and keep stirring continuously. Turn off the heat after the mixture has smoothened and put marshmallows, crushed hazelnuts or anything you like on the top for a more delightful experience.

Note: However you feel like cooking the magic mushrooms it’s onto you but before you put those chocolate bars with psilocybin on heat keep in mind that the heat should not reach 70°C as psilocybin starts to break down at 70°C heat.

Benefits Of Eating Mushroom Chocolate Bar

These chocolate bars have some exceptional benefits that other chocolate bars don’t have. The benefits of these wondrous chocolate bars are-

  1. Mood Gets Better: Your mood will instantly get better after eating this chocolate bar because of its hallucinogenic and antidepressant compounds and also the compounds in it that increase the production of natural chemicals in your body that help to reduce stress.

It’ll give you a strong feeling of sensation and cheerfulness which can be a necessary thing when you’re frustrated or melancholic about something and need to feel okay again.

  1. High Amount Of Antioxidants: As we know, dark chocolates have an insurmountable amount of antioxidants in them which can help protect the cells in your body by reducing the damage caused by free radicals.
  2. Good For Your Brain: Chocolates are known to improve the function of our brain as it contains elements like caffeine and magnesium which are really good for our brain. Our cognitive function gets slightly better because of these elements.
  3. Augmented Enthusiasm: After eating mushroom chocolate bars, you’ll feel a sudden kick of enthusiasm in you which can be really helpful when you’re at a party or night out with your friends. Especially for people who struggle to communicate with new people, it can be of good use.
  4. Physical Energy Boost: If you’re feeling a lack in your physical energy, then this magical chocolate bar can come in handy. High sugar and caffeine in dark chocolates help with our sluggishness. Also, the psychoactive compound in shrooms keeps our minds energetic too.
  5. Good For Skin: Besides our brains, this chocolate bar is beneficial for our skin too. The antioxidants in chocolate save our skin from harmful UV rays and nasty pollution.  Our skin will be safe from all the damage caused by these things in our daily life.
  6. Ignited Creativity: The hallucinogenic compound psilocybin is proven to improve a person’s creativity. People who consumed this chocolate bar reported that they felt more creative and encouraged after microdosing.
  7. Minimization Of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: The common reason behind mass people consuming mushroom chocolate bars is to lessen their depression, anxiety, and stress as psilocybin has anxiolytic effects. People feel a little relaxed and joyful after microdosing it.
  8. Controlling Emotions: We often feel overwhelmed with various emotions in our daily lives. Sometimes it becomes really hard for us to control them and we end up doing something we shouldn’t do because of these overwhelming emotions. But microdosing can give us the strength to control our emotions and stay calm.
  9. Personal Growth: People who have tried this hallucinogenic chocolate bar, reported that they have felt more connected to themselves after microdosing psilocybin. They started to look at things differently and felt the sudden need for growth.

Side-Effects Of Eating Mushroom Chocolate Bar

  1. Legal Consequences: Psilocybin is illegal in many countries and areas because it’s an intoxicating compound. As a result, carrying it or consuming it can get you in trouble sometimes.
  2. You May Experience Negative Things: Magic mushrooms are known to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. But be careful there! overdosing on magic mushrooms can result in the whole opposite. You may feel more depressed and anxious if you consume psilocybin in a large amount.
  3. Heightened Heart Rate: As we know, mushroom chocolate bars boost the serotonin in our body and make us energetic. But when the amount of serotonin increases, our heart rate also increases with it. Excessive amounts of serotonin can result in heart attacks or some fatal heart diseases sometimes.
  4. Difficulty In Differentiating Reality and Imagination: Psilocybin makes us hallucinate things that aren’t real. When you consume more than enough psilocybin, you may get confused about what is real and what is hallucination. People often lose their mental balance because of overdosing.
  5. Muscle Weakening: Your muscle will get weaker and weaker as you keep intaking magic mushrooms. You’ll be unable to even stand up on your own. You’ll feel dizzy and you’ll fall asleep after a while.
  6. Irritation To Bright Places and Vivid Colors: You’ll become irritated by bright places as the sensation of light will get enhanced after consuming psilocybin. The same will happen with vivid colors. The vivid colors will hurt your eyes when you’re high on magic mushrooms.
  7.  Drowsiness: After intaking magic mushrooms, you’ll not be in your senses fully. You’ll feel like you’re awake but still feel haziness around you. You may even forget what happened to you while you were high the next day. Which can result in you feeling clueless and helpless as well as confused.
  8. Non Stop Vomiting: Overdosing on magic mushrooms can make you feel dizzy and feel like everything inside your body is hitting up. Which can result in you vomiting continuously without stopping. You may even feel very weak and sick afterward.
  9. Excessive Cramps: Consuming psilocybin at an excessive rate can result in cramps in your body parts like the leg, hand, or back. Sometimes the cramps get so unbearable that the person needs to get hospitalized instantly for the cramps.
  10. Nervousness: After dosing on magic mushrooms, people start to sweat enormously and feel restless. The temperature in the person’s body rises simultaneously and they start to get nervous as time passes. The person who consumed magic mushrooms starts to do and say bizarre things out of nervousness and restlessness.

The Places Where You Can Find Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Mushroom chocolate bars can be found in places where you can find magic mushrooms in large amounts. The places where magic mushrooms are not very rare to find are – Mexico, Canada, temperate parts of Europe, North America, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. The specific places in North America where you can easily find these magical mushrooms are the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, and around the Bay of Mexico.

53 kinds of species of magic mushrooms can be found in Mexico. Whereas, 22 kinds of species can be found in Us. Almost 16 species can be found in Europe and 19 species can be found in islands that are associated with Australia.

Mushrooms with psilocybin usually grow properly in subtropical or tropical areas where the temperature is high enough. Soil that is rich in humus is suitable for growing these mushrooms. If you’re planning on finding magic mushrooms, then you should search in the dark or shaded places as winded places can be unsuitable for them to grow.

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Mushroom chocolate bars have both positive and negative attributes to it. That’s why you should be extra careful while using these chocolate bars with psilocybin. This chocolate bar can be really helpful for adults sometimes as it can give them a glimpse of relief from tension and stress, but remember not to overdose on it.

Taking advantage of the plus points of magic mushrooms can be very beneficial for you but getting excessively addicted to it can also ruin your life with its severe side effects. So, gather all the knowledge about this intoxicating substance before you start to use it for your good.

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