5 Most Common Diseases in the United States

The United States encounter numerous deaths each year from several diseases, some known, while some are still under examination. The most common are cancer and heart attack. Cancer being on the top of the list causes 21% of deaths in the United States.

In this article, we will discuss all these diseases, their root causes, and preventive measures we can take to avoid them. Do you know what is the cost of dying in the US? Find out in this article

5 Most Common Diseases in the United States


Cancer causes more than 20% of deaths in America, while 16% worldwide. Approximately 1 out of 6 deaths occur due to Cancer. There are different types of cancer, skin cancer being the most common, but it is curable in most cases. Lung cancer, however, is the deadliest.

Different types of cancer attack specific range of people. For example, Lung cancer is usually found in Smokers, while Liver cancer is mostly found in people who drink alcohol. Obesity is another major disease in the USA and is associated with cancer. You will find most obese people with one of the types of cancer, or chronic diseases.

What Causes Cancer?

Cancer is caused by malicious cell growth. When a malicious cell grows into your body, it replicates into several other cells and takes over the normal cells in that specific part of your body. In this way, your body part stops operating and eventually fails. This results in sudden death, or a heart attack.

How to Prevent

You can prevent yourself from cancer by living a healthy and steady life. First, diet plays the most vital role in your health. If your diet is poor, no matter how long you run, or spend time in the gym, your body will not function properly.

Not that gym and exercise are not important, but they should be the second most priority when planning your health. Running and exercising every day has a great impact on your body.

But life is uncertain, even after taking all the proper steps, one-day cancer could strike on your door like an unwelcome guest. Then what? What if you do not have any money to take care of the hospital bills. So, what is the solution?

The only solution to this problem is being ready with whole life insurance in hand. Life insurance takes care of your medical expenditures, either when your alive or dead. We should all prepare ourselves for the worst and this is the best way to make ourselves prepare.

Heart Diseases

Heart diseases cause over 20% of deaths worldwide and in the USA. Millions of people every year are diagnosed with heart diseases and among them, only a few make it alive. People over the age of 40 are usually found to be diagnosed with heart diseases. Those of you who smoke have high chances of getting a heart disease. Moreover, over-weight people are also very common to get heart disease.

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What Causes Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are mostly caused by living the wrong lifestyle, which includes unhealthy diet, restlessness, no physical activity, and consumption of chemicals such as nicotine, caffeine, etc.

But how does a heart attack occur? When the blood vessels get blocked and are unable to pump the blood, the heart becomes deoxygenated and eventually dies at a point. This causes sudden death in most of the cases.

How to Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart diseases can be prevented by taking the following steps.

  • Healthy diet: Diet should be a person’s priority for a healthy lifestyle. Your health is like your car and diet is like fuel. If you fuel your car with the poor-quality fuel, it will not function properly. Just like that, if you do not fuel your body with the right nutrients it will not function properly.
  • Exercising and Training: When you run or exercise, your body heats up and becomes energetic.

Getting an Insurance

As discussed above, insurance can help you recover through any major disease financially. Even the healthiest people could get sick, but insurance is something that helps them get through it.

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Information is liberating, get the best insurance quotes and begin this new journey with the right strategy in hand.


Diabetes is not a deadly disease, but it could be the root of many major diseases. It is a very common disease among Senior Americans. People who consume a lot of sugar and improper food gets diabetes.

The preventions and causes of Diabetes are similar to that of heart disease and cancer. Getting insurance is important because medications for Diabetes costs a lot. Find out the different types of life insurances to get better insight.


Pneumonia is another deadly and common disease among the citizens of the USA. Each year a vast majority of people die of pneumonia. Pneumonia starts as a normal cold and cough, but if not treated properly it is then nearly impossible to get cured from.

Treatment is easy but the cost of treatment can make your bank account empty in the matter of days or weeks. Your insurance must be in place. But with only the right information you can get to the right destination. Find out 5 benefits of life insurance in 2021.

Lung Disease or Asthma

Those of you who smoke have a major chance of developing lung diseases or Asthma. Asthma is not a major disease and quite common in people, but lung diseases such as Lung Cancer can cause sudden death and is uncurable most of the time.

Developing a healthy routine can help you prevent such diseases. Moreover, consuming even a single cigarette a day could affect your health as much as a whole pack of cigarettes so, it is in your best interest to quit smoking as soon as possible.


Taking care of your health is important but as mentioned above life is unsodden and death is inevitable, so it is important to be prepared for that as well. It is wise to get insurance when you are healthy, especially funeral insurance. Major disorders that affect your funeral insurance are all discussed above. Be wise and make the right decision when the time is right.

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