Most people in this digital age turn to content creation like Mohammed Ali Rashid to motivate and influence people. Most beginners don’t know that being a content creator in this generation is not easy. It requires you to put in the effort and hard work. Besides, it is vital to blog about something you are passionate about so as not to get bored.

Mohammed Ali Rashid is an example of a content creator making it despite the many challenges. Though he is a professional boxer, he is also a car enthusiast and fitness advisor. What makes him stand out from other content creators is that Mohammed uses humor to showcase his hobbies. He is very passionate about what he does.

Following Passion Attracts Multiple Struggles

Often people are told to follow their passion, but the truth is that following passion is not easy. Passion is not something you pursue and achieve greatness immediately, but rather, it develops over time. Find out the struggles you are likely to get when following your passion.

  • Discouragement: One challenge that most people face when they follow their passion is discouragement. The worst part is that the people who discourage others from going after what they are passionate about are those close to them. Though the discouragement in most cases is not out of malice, fighting it is not easy.
  • Risky Path: Most people who follow their passion have a hard time doing since they do not get as much support as needed. In turn, they are on their own, and if they fail, there is no one to pick them up. Doing creative work alone can be lonely, and though you need some alone time to work effectively, it feels better to know that you have someone by your side.
  • Self-Conflict: Another well-known challenge that people face when following their passion is self-conflict. They are not sure if choosing their passion over their profession is worth it. Nothing is more challenging in life than forgoing what you know and indulging yourself in a new field that you know nothing about.
  • Don’t Give up: If you give up following your passion, you will live with regrets of not knowing what might have happened if you believed in yourself. That is why you should not give up. Instead, learn ways you can overcome your daily struggles.

Before giving up:

  1. Think of the reason you started following your passion.
  2. Consider your dreams, goals, and concepts. When you start your journey following your passion, chances are that you have a goal in mind.
  3. When you feel like giving up, think about your goal and how you can achieve it.
  • Seek Support: Do not isolate yourself and hide when you feel frustrated, and at the same time, do not shy off from asking for support from other people. Even if you cannot get support from the people close to you, go online and search for forums that offer you the support you need.
  • Be Grateful: At times, you might look at your progress and feel like giving up. Though you might be struggling and feeling overwhelmed, it is essential to be grateful for the little things and achievements that you make. Each step you take towards your passion is a positive of which you should be grateful.

Mohammed Ali Rashid, Content Creator, Followed His Passions and Became Successful.

Mohammed Ali Rashid is a boxer by profession, but his passion is working out, motivating people to live life to the fullest, and cars. Unfortunately, his transitions from being a professional boxer to a fitness motivator and car lover blogger encountered many trials. Despite the challenges, he did not give up.

At first, it was not easy for people to understand how a fighter can be a content creator. Most people were not for the idea of having a fighter blog about fitness or cars, which led to him losing the followers who were following him for his fighting career. However, due to his passion for motivating people and sharing car stories, he started gaining more active followers who needed the motivation.

Mohammed Ali Rashid is a fitness enthusiast. He also used his blogging platform to motivate athletes and put in the effort to create the lifestyle he has today. Most people who subscribe to his channel get the inspiration they need to live a better lifestyle. He motivates people by letting them know that they will get the outcome they want when they put in the effort.

Mohammed Ali Rashid’s other passion is cars. Although he started as a car lover with a few car collections. He now has multiple cars and blogs about these luxury vehicles. He gives details about the care and also shares the customization process.

As a car enthusiast, he collects some of the best cars from big brands and transforms them into some of the most thrilling rides.

Since Mohammed Ali Rashid was a professional boxer, he has some connections in the industry, giving him access to exclusive tape videos. Those who were following him because of his fighting career are not left out.

Your Passion Will Pay Some Day

Following your passion might not seem like a great idea, especially when you are starting. At times, you might have to quit your career and start from scratch, leading to many people opposing this idea.

If you follow your passion and persist, you can start truly enjoying what you do. Besides, your passion might pick up and give you a monetary reward. That is why you should always look to Mohammed Ali Rashid for motivation.