Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings Made Easy: A guide to renting your perfect space

There has been a surge in the use of modular buildings due to the advancements made in design and technology. Gone are the days when modular structures were considered drab and monotonous.

Modular buildings are the perfect solution for any temporary workspace or classroom requirements. With their cost-effectiveness, versatility, and flexibility, they offer great value for money.

Yorkshire Hire Centre is here to assist you if you’re considering using modular buildings but need help determining where to begin. To simplify the process, here is a comprehensive guide to help get you started.

What are Modular Buildings?

Modular buildings are an excellent choice for any project because they’re prefabricated in the factory. This reduces the time and cost associated with traditional construction. Once the building is ready, it is transported to your site and quickly installed.

These structures are constructed from multiple parts or modules that form a unified whole, similar to how you would have with building blocks.

Creating modular buildings provides the perfect level of customization, allowing you to create a building that is precisely what you need.

From small spaces to large areas, this type of construction has countless unique applications that make it highly versatile.

Why Rent a Modular Building?

A modular building might be the perfect solution if you’re looking for additional office space. Renting one enables you to easily and quickly acquire extra space, be it for a few days or months – especially if your main building is undergoing renovation.

As a result, modular buildings have seen a surge in popularity, particularly among schools in need of extra classroom space. Their benefits are manifold; they can be easily set up and removed when it’s no longer necessary and are perfect for short-term requirements.

Renting a building is cost-effective and has benefits for the environment too. As modular buildings are constructed in a factory, there’s less wastage and fewer emissions when compared to conventional construction methods. This makes it an excellent choice that meets your financial and ecological requirements.

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Choosing the Right Modular Building

To ensure that you rent the most suitable modular building, it’s essential to consider your requirements. Modular buildings come in various sizes and designs, so you must select the best one suited for your project.

In addition, when choosing a workspace, it’s essential to consider the features and amenities that are best for you. For instance, if a modular building with ample natural light and good ventilation is what you’re looking for, this should be one of the top priorities in your search.

Apart from selecting a suitable modular building, it’s also vital to consider the site requirements for installation. Before building your site, you’ll need to be sure it’s level, and that electricity and water are accessible in the area.

Ensure you have any necessary permits or licenses to ensure a smoother construction process. Providing ample space for modular building delivery and installation is essential. This should be taken into account prior to your purchase.

Renting Vs Buying

Buying a modular building can be an appropriate solution for many businesses, but in many cases, renting is more practical. If you need clarification on what’s the best option for you, then renting may provide the answer you need.

Renting modular buildings has several benefits compared to buying – no upfront costs, reduced or no maintenance costs and lower operating expenses. You can enjoy these advantages without the need to spend large amounts of money.

With a rent option, you get the flexibility of not having to commit to a long-term purchase. It’s great for those who don’t need permanent space but still need it for a certain period.

This way, you have the assurance that you can use the space as long as it meets your needs. When you are ready to move away from the building, reach out to us, and our team will take care of returning it.

What are the next steps? 

After deciding to rent a modular building and ascertaining your requirements, the rental process is quite straightforward. 

  • Discuss your requirements – To ensure you get the most suitable building for your project, reach out to Yorkshire Hire Centre’s team of specialists. They’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to provide the perfect solution.
  • Quotation – After assessing your project thoroughly, our team will put together a well-crafted plan and quote you a realistic price.
  • Arrange delivery and installation – As soon as you are content with our team’s details, we can start planning timelines for the delivery and installation of your modular building. The time frame can vary depending on the complexity and size of your project; it usually takes several days or weeks to complete the process.
  • Return – Once you are done utilising the modular building, please get in touch with us, and we will remove it in no time.

The next step to your new workspace

We’ve looked at how renting a modular building can benefit your organisation. As for any other questions you may have, the staff at Yorkshire Hire Centre is always available to help and make sure that your project runs smoothly.

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Make your workspace dreams come true – get in touch with Yorkshire Hire Centre and get started!