Are you searching for free modern fonts for your upcoming project? You are at the right spot. There are plenty of attractive free fonts available that are made just for designers. Choosing the right fonts is essential for creating professional designs, and this also helps them explore huge benefits without breaking the bank. Here, you will find the Top 5 Free Modern Fonts For Designers – best for 2021

Taken as a whole, finding a great font is always expensive, but now there are plenty of free options available. With the endless choices, you can easily find attractive modern fonts for your project,

Especially free modern fonts are perfect when you are working on a personal project, or it is also ideal for a creative experiment, with the free choice you can save huge money. In general, fonts come in different kinds of styles as well as designs. Here are the top 5 free modern fonts that perfectly suit designers.

Modern Fonts For Designers
Modern Fonts For Designers

Top 5 Free Modern Fonts For Designers

Even though these kinds of fonts are accessible, they feature high-quality designs to use in professional projects easily. Of course, all these fonts are free, but you must read some essential points when downloading them.

Blackshore font

Blackshore is one of the free choices, and it is a bold & hand-painted sans serif font that offers numerous features to the designers. First of all, it has a robust typeface, and it is the most versatile font used in different designs, such as

  • Website headers
  • Branding
  • Vintage badges
  • Posters

 Blackshore’s free version offers some samples of characters and even comes with SVG & of formats. Especially the multiple languages support is available.


Are you looking for the old-style roman serif font? Restora is one, and it is a practical choice for designing a project with an old-style roman serif font. The slimmed-down free version comprises plenty of options. The restora used different themes of design that brought some practical changes to the project.

Mosk font-family

The mosk font family is one of the ideal choices for designers to develop their projects without spending money. Of course, it has nine weights even it is the perfect typeface for

  • Headlines
  • Editorial work
  • Logos
  • Headlines
  • Print
  • Web etc


Roboto typeface is helpful in various projects. On the other hand, Roboto is a friendly choice. Now modern fonts are available for download at google fonts with ease. Most importantly, it provides an extensive range of styles. Overall the family is also utilized for both print and screen design.


Paradizo is one of the most elegant serif fonts, which can be available free for professional use.  Overall

It comes with many alternates also it has ligatures. Without a doubt, it is an elegant serif font because it features regular and oblique styles: most importantly, it is ideal for creating different projects like

  • Websites
  • Packaging
  • Luxurious branding projects

 Hence download paradizo, which is perfect for commercial use.


These are some of the top five free fonts for 2021. These are cost-free yet effective. For those who want to get free fonts, you must take the above recommendations.  With this guide, users can find the best designs for developing graphic design.